Bassist Tony Hatton of


Thank you for your time to answer the interview. How did the idea of ​​forming the band arise, and it should be noted that they are already a veteran band in London for the years they have been on the metal scene?

Chop and I were in a Band called EL- 34 before Airforce.

Keeping a regular vocalist onboard has always been something that has plagued us, EL- 34 & Airforce, back then and now, for a variety of reasons, a lot of it caused by wives and girlfriends.

This happened again around 1985/86 when our EL- 34 vocalist, Paul Clarke, decided to leave EL-34, so we disbanded.

Sometime in 1986 Steve Harris of Iron Maiden (who was a long-term friend of Chop) introduced Doug Sampson to Chop.

Doug had been Iron Maidens Drummer from 1977 – 1979 and had quit Maiden due to health reasons, but Doug was now ready to return to the music scene.

Chop knew Doug only vaguely until then.

Steve, Doug and Chop had a Jam together and Chop and Doug joined forces.

I was called up and the 3 of us formed Airforce back in 1986.

In 1990 our then Airforce vocalist Rolf Prommel decided to leave Airforce due to Girlfriend pressure.

Doug’s brother Sam Sampson had been Airforce vocalist before Rolf, and when Sam quit Airforce, the long process of looking for a reputable replacement and rehearsing began, leading to Rolf.

I couldn’t go through this whole process again of finding yet another vocalist so I quit Airforce & serious music involvement.

Doug quit Airforce at this time too.

I wanted to concentrate on a growing business career only toying with the music business occasionally.

Chop kept Airforce going intermittently with various Line Up changes between 1986 & 2015.

Fate and fan pressure brought Chop, Doug and me together again in 2016 to reunite the 3 original members of Airforce.

Which discs have edited and how can they be achieved?

Airforce have the Judgement Day Album that is a History of the Band from the 1980’s up to 2016.

We have the Black Box Recordings EP’s Available, Volume 1 (2017) & Volume 2 (2018).

The Band of Brothers / Sniper single (2019).

These are all available in CD format and as Downloads from the Airforce Facebook page Shop or

These recordings are also available from most digital platforms.

Official videos for Sniper & Finest Hour can be found on my Tony Hatton YouTube Channel.

Airforce are now signed to a Record Company.

There is new Airforce Studio Album titled “Strike Hard” that is now scheduled for release in early September 2020.

A new official Airforce video for the track “Die for You” will be available on YouTube From Saturday June 13th 2020.


320x0wAirforce Strike Hard Album front cover

Who are the current members of the band?

Flavio Lino – Vocals, Chop Pitman – Guitars, Tony Hatton – Bass, Doug Sampson – Drums

Guest artists on the new Airforce Studio Album “Strike Hard” are;

Paul Dianno, Ivan Gianini & Zal Cleminson.

Airforce Moon Photo

Why do they decide to baptize the band under this name and how does the idea of ​​the band’s mascot, if it can be named, appear on the covers of their albums?

Chop Doug and I agreed on the band name Airforce, no one quite remembers how we came up with the name Airforce, it was 34 years ago in 1986.

Let’s talk about your first record work entitled Judgment Day. What expectations did they have when they recorded their debut album and why did they take so long to make their first musical record?

We did some recording in the early Airforce days but never got around to having anything released.

Around 2015/15, Diehard fans of Iron Maiden had tracked Airforce down via Doug and Chops Maiden connections.

This led to the early Airforce track “Wargames”, with Sam Sampson being released on the Maiden themed compilation Album “Origins of Iron”.

This track was very well received, so Chop and Doug along with Andy Holloway and Erwin Lucas conceived, compiled and released the “Judgement Day” Album.

This is where I came back in.

I received a phone call from Chop about the upcoming release of “Judgement Day” and the launch party, which up until then I was unaware of.

Chop, Doug and I met up again and decided to reunite again as Airforce with the 3 original members 26 years after we disbanded in 1990.

There was a little-known earlier Airforce Album, titled “Never Look Back”, with only local distribution.

It was self-released after the band split up in 1990.

Most of the material on “Never Look Back” was included on “Judgement Day”.

2. Airforce Live at Burrfest 2020

How was composing this album and what do you want to express in your lyrics?

Andy Holloway and Erwin Lucas conceived the idea of the “Judgement Day” Album, and along with Chop and Doug compiled and released the Album which is retrospective and covers a long time period.

In those early days the band mostly wrote the music and the vocalist at the time would mostly write the Lyrics and melody.

Different vocalists wrote in different styles, the last Airforce vocalist before we split in 1990 was Rolf Prommel wrote about relationships.

Our earlier Airforce vocalist Sam Sampson (Doug’s Brother) wrote about political issues.

Its only now since Airforce reunited in 2016 that Chop and I have taken up a lot more involvement of the Melody and Lyric side of writing.

Chop and I write lyrics mostly based on mystic and military themes.

In this album they decide to add one more instrument with a guest musician. Whose idea is it to incorporate a keyboard player?

The 3 tracks on the “Judgement Day” Album that feature vocalist Sam Sampson were recorded at the home Studio of Jez Code.

Jez was a friend of Sam’s was producing these 3 tracks and a keyboard player himself.

Jez had worked with a lot of good bands including Simple Minds, so we just let Jez add keyboards in the mixing stage, after we had recorded our parts.

We only heard these songs with Jez’s keyboards once the songs were finished.

We all liked the final sound.

Airforce Live in Europe Holland, France & Belgium Oct 4,5,6 2019 (11)

It is very reassuring to know that bands like you and many more keep the flame alive of the great exponents of your country. What can you tell me about the current scene in the United Kingdom and what musical exponents do you recommend to listen to?

The current metal scene in the UK isn’t great but it’s OK, or was until the Virus Pandemic, the same as all over the world I guess.

There is a bit of a NWOBHM revival going on in the UK so that’s encouraging.

Airforce stem from the NWOBHM era.

Between the release of their debut album in 2016 and 2018 they publish two episodes entitled The Black Box Recordings: Volume 1 and 2. Why do they decide to do two ep’s and not a complete album?

We just wanted to get some new Airforce music out and the quickest way to do this was to complete and release some tracks as soon as we had some ready.

We don’t like to rush the song writing process as we are quite stringent to have songs as perfect to us as possible before we record them.

Had we waited until we had a complete Album ready, our first new music for a long time, would not have been ready to release until probably early 2019.

Airforce RAF Memorial Spitfire photo

Who was responsible for composing the instrumental part and who wrote the lyrics?

The Black Box recordings were a completely collaborative band effort, both musically and lyrically.

Some members had more of a hand in writing some songs than others, but everyone contributed something to all the songs.

What do you express this time in your lyrics?

The song themes vary quite a lot for the Black Box recordings, from military (Heroes, Sniper, Finest Hour) to uplifting (Fight) and emotional (Lost Forever).

In volume 2 they have a fancy guest in one of their songs. Tell the readers who it is and why they decide to invite you to sing a song, and I take this opportunity to tell you that my heart almost stops when I hear this song of how beautiful it is and with that combination of incredible voices?

Paul Dianno was our Airforce guest vocalist on the track Sniper.

Chop knew and has been friends with Paul since before Paul joined Iron Maiden.

Doug and Paul were in Iron Maiden together.

As Paul has been confined to his home and a Wheelchair for some time, due to the health problems affecting his legs, Chop thought to ask him if he would like to guest on an Airforce track.

We offered Paul several songs and Paul chose Sniper.

5. Airforce Live at Burrfest 2020

What is the audience in an Airforce show?

Many and varied, much like an Iron Maiden audience.

In 2019 they publish a single titled Band of Brothers / Sniper, could it be said that the theme in the lyrics is the one that would follow for their new record work?

Band of Brothers was to be then, and still is a track included on the New Airforce Studio Album.

In January 2019 “Paul Mario Day” the very first official Iron Maiden vocalist was making a special trip over to the UK from Australia, where Paul now lives, to have a reunion with all the first original Iron Maiden members including Steve Harris.

Paul hadn’t been back to the UK for over 20 years, so to mark this special occasion, a musical event was organized by former Iron Maiden roadie “Steve Loopy Newhouse” to commemorate Paul’s visit.

This was to be a show at the legendary “Cart & Horses” Pub, where Iron Maiden began their career.

Airforce were asked to play at this show with Paul Mario Day as our vocalist.

Airforce were also asked if we would record something with Paul while he was in the UK.

We had the Song “Band of Brothers” ready so we decided to record this unique single with Paul Mario Day.

We decided to Pair “Band of Brothers” with Sniper an Airforce song featuring another former Maiden vocalist in Paul Dianno.

The Paul Mario Day vocals for Band of Brothers were recorded at the Steve Harris Barnyard Studios.

Airforce Live in Europe Holland, France & Belgium Oct 4,5,6 2019 (12)

Future plans of the band.

The release and promotion of our new Studio Album is first and foremost, including new Airforce Videos.

We have a Live Album recorded in Poland in 2018 that is ready and will be released mid-2021.

As you are well aware, until the Virus Pandemic is under control, most plans are on Hold.

Airforce are hopeful that a planned festival in Malta will go ahead in September 2020.

Maybe our postponed April 2020 US tour will be happening in October 2020, but more than likely this will be pushed back to 2021.

We are working on new Airforce songs while in lockdown here in the UK.

Any message you wish to leave to the Cazador Nocturno readers.

Airforce would like to ask all the readers to stay safe, stay well, and above all, stay metal.


Airforce live in Poland - After show stage photo

Alejandro Allo 03/02/20

Tony Hatton bajista de


Gracias por su tiempo para responder la entrevista. ¿Cómo surge la idea de formar la banda, y cabe destacar que ya son una banda veterana en Londres por los años que llevan en la escena metalera?

Chop y yo estábamos en una banda llamada EL-34 antes de AirForce.
Mantener un vocalista regular a bordo siempre ha sido algo que nos ha afectado a EL-34 y a AirForce, en aquel entonces y ahora, por una variedad de razones, muchas de ellas causadas por esposas y novias.
Esto sucedió nuevamente alrededor de 1985/86 cuando nuestro vocalista de EL-34, Paul Clarke, decidió abandonar la banda, así que nos separamos.
En algún momento de 1986, Steve Harris de Iron Maiden (que era un amigo de Chop durante mucho tiempo) le presentó a Doug Sampson a Chop.
Doug había sido el baterista de Iron Maiden de 1977 a 1979 y había dejado a Maiden por razones de salud, pero ahora estaba listo para volver a la escena musical.
Chop conoció a Doug solo vagamente hasta entonces.
Steve, Doug y Chop tuvieron un Jam juntos y Chop y Doug unieron fuerzas.
Fui llamado y los 3 formamos Airforce en 1986.

En 1990, nuestro entonces vocalista, Rolf Prommel, decidió abandonar AirForce debido a la presión de su novia.
El hermano de Doug, Sam Sampson, había sido vocalista de AirForce antes de Rolf, y cuando Sam abandonó la banda, comenzó el largo proceso de buscar un reemplazo  de buena reputación, lo que llevó a Rolf.
No pude volver a pasar por todo este proceso para encontrar otro vocalista, así que dejé la banda y la participación seria de la música.
Doug también abandonó la banda en ese momento.
Quería concentrarme en una carrera comercial en crecimiento solo tocando ocasionalmente con el negocio de la música.
Chop mantuvo a la banda funcionando de manera intermitente con varios cambios de alineación entre 1986 y 2015.
El destino y la presión de los fanáticos nos unieron a Chop, Doug y a mí nuevamente en 2016 para reunir a los 3 miembros originales de Airforce.

¿Qué discos poseen editados y Cómo pueden conseguirse?

AirForce tiene el álbum Judgment Day que es una historia de la banda desde 1980 hasta 2016.
Tenemos los EP de Black Box Recordings disponibles, Volumen 1 (2017) y Volumen 2 (2018).
The Band of Brothers / Sniper single (2019).
Todos estos están disponibles en formato CD y como descargas de la página de Facebook de AirForce Shop @ o
Estas grabaciones también están disponibles en la mayoría de las plataformas digitales.
Los videos oficiales de Sniper & Finest Hour se pueden encontrar en mi canal Tony Hatton de YouTube.
AirForce ahora ha firmado con una compañía discográfica.
Hay un nuevo álbum de Airforce Studio titulado “Strike Hard” que ahora está programado para lanzarse a principios de septiembre de 2020.
Un nuevo video oficial de la banda para la canción “Die for You” estará disponible en YouTube a partir del sábado 13 de junio de 2020.




320x0wAirforce Strike Hard Album front cover

¿Quiénes son los miembros actuales de la banda?

Flavio Lino – Voz, Chop Pitman – Guitarras, Tony Hatton – Bajo, Doug Sampson – Batería
Los artistas invitados en el nuevo álbum de Airforce Studio “Strike Hard” son;
Paul Dianno, Ivan Gianini y Zal Cleminson.

Airforce Moon Photo


¿Por qué deciden bautizar a la banda bajo este nombre y Cómo surge la idea de la mascota de la banda, si se puede denominar así, que aparece en las portadas de sus discos?

Chop Doug y yo estuvimos de acuerdo en el nombre de la banda Airforce, nadie recuerda cómo se nos ocurrió el nombre Airforce, fue hace 34 años en 1986.

Hablemos de su primer trabajo discográfico titulado Judgement Day. ¿Qué expectativas tenían al entra a grabar su álbum debut y Por qué se demoraron tanto tiempo en hacer su primer registro musical?

Hicimos algunas grabaciones en los primeros días de la banda, pero nunca pudimos publicar nada.
Alrededor de 2015/15, los fanáticos de Iron Maiden habían rastreado a AirForce a través de las conexiones de Doug y Chops con  Maiden.
Esto llevó a la primera pista de la banda “Wargames”, con Sam Sampson lanzado en el álbum recopilatorio temático de Maiden “Origins of Iron”.
Esta canción fue muy bien recibida, por lo que Chop y Doug junto con Andy Holloway y Erwin Lucas concibieron, compilaron y lanzaron el álbum “Judgment Day”.
Aquí es donde regresé.
Recibí una llamada telefónica de Chop sobre el próximo lanzamiento de “Judgment Day” y la fiesta de lanzamiento, que hasta ese momento desconocía.
Chop, Doug y yo nos encontramos de nuevo y decidimos reunirnos nuevamente como Airforce con los 3 miembros originales 26 años después de que nos separamos en 1990.
Hubo un álbum anterior de la banda poco conocido, titulado “Never Look Back”, con solo distribución local.
Fue autolanzado después de que la banda se separó en 1990.
La mayor parte del material sobre “Never Look Back” se incluyó en el “Judgment Day“.

2. Airforce Live at Burrfest 2020

¿Cómo fue componer este disco y que quieren expresar en sus letras?

Andy Holloway y Erwin Lucas concibieron la idea del álbum “Judgment Day”, y junto con Chop y Doug compilaron y lanzaron el álbum, que es retrospectivo y abarca un largo período de tiempo.
En esos primeros días, la banda principalmente escribía la música y el vocalista de la época en su mayoría escribía la letra y la melodía.
Diferentes vocalistas escribieron en diferentes estilos, el último vocalista de la banda antes de que nos separáramos en 1990 fue Rolf Prommel escribió sobre las relaciones.
Nuestro anterior vocalista  Sam Sampson (el hermano de Doug) escribió sobre temas políticos.
Es solo ahora desde que la banda se reunió en 2016 que Chop y yo hemos asumido una mayor participación del lado de la escritura y de la s melodía vocal.
Chop y yo escribimos letras basadas principalmente en temas místicos y militares.

En este disco deciden adicionar un instrumento más con un músico invitado. ¿De quién es la idea de incorporar un tecladista?

Las 3 pistas del álbum “Judgement Day” que cuentan con el vocalista Sam Sampson fueron grabadas en el estudio casero de Jez Code.
Jez era amigo de Sam y estaba produciendo estas 3 pistas y un tecladista.
Jez había trabajado con muchas bandas buenas, incluyendo Simple Minds, así que simplemente dejamos que Jez agregue teclados en la etapa de mezcla, después de haber grabado nuestras partes.
Solo escuchamos estas canciones con los teclados de Jez una vez que las canciones se terminaron.
A todos nos gustó el sonido final.

Airforce Live in Europe Holland, France & Belgium Oct 4,5,6 2019 (11)

Es muy tranquilizador saber que bandas como ustedes y muchas más mantienen la llama viva de los grandes exponentes de su país. ¿Qué me pueden contar de la escena actual en Reino Unido y qué exponentes musicales nos recomiendan para escuchar?

La escena metal actual en el Reino Unido no es genial, pero está bien, o fue hasta la Pandemia de Virus, lo mismo que en todo el mundo, supongo.
Hay un poco de avivamiento NWOBHM en el Reino Unido, así que eso es alentador.
AirForceproviene de la era NWOBHM.

Entre la salida de su disco debut en el año 2016 y el 2018 editan dos ep´s titulados The Black Box Recordings: Volume 1 y 2. ¿Por qué deciden hacer dos ep´s y no un disco completo?

Solo queríamos sacar música nueva de Airforce y la forma más rápida de hacerlo era completar y lanzar algunas pistas tan pronto como tuviéramos algunas listas.
No nos gusta apresurar el proceso de escritura de canciones, ya que somos bastante estrictos para tener canciones lo más perfectas posible antes de grabarlas.
Si hubiéramos esperado hasta tener listo un álbum completo, nuestra primera música nueva durante mucho tiempo, no habría estado lista para lanzarse hasta probablemente a principios de 2019

Airforce RAF Memorial Spitfire photo

¿Quién se encargó de componer la parte instrumental y quién escribió las letras?

Las grabaciones de Black Box fueron un esfuerzo de banda completamente colaborativo, tanto musical como líricamente.
Algunos miembros participaron más en escribir algunas canciones que otros, pero todos contribuyeron con algo a todas las canciones.

¿Qué expresan esta vez en sus letras?

Los temas de las canciones varían bastante para las grabaciones de Black Box, desde militares (Heroes, Sniper, Finest Hour) hasta edificantes (Fight) y emocionales (Lost Forever).

En el volumen 2 tienen un invitado de lujo en una de sus canciones. ¿Cuéntenle a los lectores de quién se trata y Por qué deciden invitarlo a cantar una canción, y aprovecho a decirles que casi se me detiene el corazón al escuchar esta canción de lo bella que es y con esa combinación de voces increíbles?

Paul Dianno fue nuestro vocalista invitado  en la canción Sniper.
Chop sabía y ha sido amigo de Paul desde antes de que Paul se uniera a Iron Maiden.
Doug y Paul estaban juntos en Iron Maiden.
Como Paul ha estado confinado en su casa y en una silla de ruedas durante algún tiempo, debido a los problemas de salud que afectan sus piernas, Chop pensó en preguntarle si le gustaría ser invitado en una canción.
Le ofrecimos a Paul varias canciones y Paul eligió a Sniper.

5. Airforce Live at Burrfest 2020

¿Con qué se encuentra el público en un show de Airforce?

Muchos y variados, muy parecidos a una audiencia de Iron Maiden.

En el 2019 editan un single titulado Band of Brothers / Sniper, se podría decir que la temática en las letras es la que seguiría para su nuevo trabajo discográfico?

Band of Brothers iba a ser entonces, y todavía es una pista incluida en el álbum New Airforce Studio.
En enero de 2019, “Paul Mario Day”, el primer vocalista oficial de Iron Maiden estaba haciendo un viaje especial al Reino Unido desde Australia, donde ahora vive Paul, para reunirse con los primeros miembros originales de Iron Maiden, incluido Steve Harris.
Paul no había regresado al Reino Unido por más de 20 años, así que para conmemorar esta ocasión especial, el ex roadie de Iron Maiden “Steve Loopy Newhouse” organizó un evento musical para conmemorar la visita de Paul.
Este iba a ser un espectáculo en el legendario Pub “Cart & Horses”, donde Iron Maiden comenzó su carrera.
Se le pidió a AirForce que tocara en este espectáculo con Paul Mario Day como nuestro vocalista.
También se nos preguntó  si grabaríamos algo con Paul mientras él estaba en el Reino Unido.
Teníamos lista la canción “Band of Brothers”, así que decidimos grabar este sencillo único con Paul Mario Day.
Decidimos emparejar “Band of Brothers” con Sniper, una canción de la banda con otro ex vocalista de Maiden, Paul Dianno.
La voz de Paul Mario Day para Band of Brothers se grabó en los Estudios Steve Harris Barnyard.

Airforce Live in Europe Holland, France & Belgium Oct 4,5,6 2019 (12)

Planes futuros de la banda.

El lanzamiento y la promoción de nuestro nuevo Álbum de estudio es ante todo, incluidos los nuevos videos de la banda.
Tenemos un álbum en vivo grabado en Polonia en 2018 que está listo y se lanzará a mediados de 2021.
Como bien sabe, hasta que la pandemia de virus esté bajo control, la mayoría de los planes están en espera.
AirForce tiene la esperanza de que un festival planeado en Malta se llevará a cabo en septiembre de 2020.
Tal vez nuestra gira por EE. UU. De abril de 2020 aplazada se realizará en octubre de 2020, pero es muy probable que esto se retrase hasta 2021.
Estamos trabajando en nuevas canciones  mientras estamos encerrados aquí en el Reino Unido.

Algún mensaje que deseen dejar a los lectores de Cazador Nocturno.

AirForce le gustaría pedirle a todos los lectores que se mantengan a salvo, que se mantengan bien y, sobre todo, que se mantengan metálicos.

Airforce live in Poland - After show stage photo

Alejandro Allo 02/03/20

Entrevista realizada por el colega Marcelo Quiroga a la banda


¿Cómo se formó ACHSAR? Discografía? Influencias?

Achsar se formó como una banda de garage en 2004 por Milán (voz), Anton (ex-guitarra) y Rado (ex-guitarra). Algunas personas se unieron, otras se fueron.

La banda lanzó algunos discos de demostración, pero la pieza más grande fue el álbum de larga duración “Septentrionalis”, lanzado bajo producciones de Gothoom en 2014. Más tarde, en 2018 lanzamos el sencillo “Loud and Proud” con videoclip y el año pasado lanzamos el EP “In Battle I Was Born”.

Cada uno de nosotros escucha música totalmente diferente, esta música nos influye y le ponemos algo de música. Esto es lo que hace que nuestra música sea tan variada. Para nombrar bandas : Rhapsody of Fire, Dream Theater, Korpiklaani, Ensiferum, Amorphis, Judas Priest, AC / DC …

También estamos interesados en libros y películas

CD_septentrionalisCD_loud nad proud ft. tuomas rounakariCD_in battle i was born

Gracias a Alejandro Allo ,  de Cazador Nocturno web , me ha entregado su material  IN BATTLE I WAS BORN ,  para difundir. ¿Nos pueden explicar cómo es el  concepto de arte de tapa,  y el significado de las letras?

Tenemos que admitir que, durante nuestro trabajo en el nuevo álbum de larga duración, surgieron algunas ideas y textos que no pertenecían exactamente al concepto. Estuvimos de acuerdo, sería un desperdicio tirarlos así como así. Coincidieron con el tema de la batalla, por lo que los fusionamos en nuestro EP “In Battle I was Born”.

Todas las portadas corresponden a conceptos de letras / álbumes. Por ejemplo, en EP hay un guerrero durante la batalla (portada), un guerrero justo después de la batalla mirando en el campo de batalla (página central) y el último muestra un guerrero en reposo.


¿Cómo es la escena metalera de tu país a nivel bandas,  revistas, fanzines,s ellos discográficos, sitios para shows?

Sin embargo, la música metal no es tan popular en Eslovaquia, tenemos muchas bandas de metal aquí. Diría que la mayoría de ellos son una especie de combinación de death metal y black metal, bueno, por supuesto, podemos encontrar excepciones en forma de heavy metal, metal pagano …

Como Eslovaquia es un país pequeño, no hay muchas etiquetas y estudios. Desde mi punto de vista, el mayor defensor de la escena del metal eslovaco es la banda Doomas con sus producciones Gothoom (estudio, sello, festival al aire libre gothoom). No podemos dejar de lado la producción del grupo Randal, que cubre una parte más moderna del metal.

En cuanto a los zins, hay más. Personalmente cooperamos con varios de ellos:, PROROCKER, Metalirium, HLUKOSKOP, la revista Metal-mania.

La escena del metal en Eslovaquia es en su mayoría subterránea, por lo que la mayoría de los espectáculos ocurren en clubes y están organizados por bandas como programas de intercambio. Sin embargo, no es la regla.

Pues claro que hay festivales. Por ejemplo, ya mencionó Gothoom al aire libre, Loud farm fest, In memoriam, Krutofest.


 El mp3 es un formato, que llega en segundos a cualquier parte del mundo,  pero sería ideal, que el público metalero, compre material físico, para apoyar a la banda. ¿Qué piensan usted?

Me atrevo a decir que hoy en día muy pocas personas escuchan música de CD.

Mantenemos la opinión de que el CD ya no es la fuente principal para escuchar la música, sino más bien el recordatorio físico que el fanático puede llevar a casa firmado por la banda u pedido de Internet para apoyar a la banda. Por lo tanto, lanzamos nuestro single Lound and Proud en 2018 también en el CD. Parte de ellos está firmado por Tuomas Rounakari de Korpiklaani, con quien cooperamos en la pista y estos están disponibles para los fanáticos en número limitado. Lo considero un bonito recuerdo 🙂


¿Qué bandas nos pueden recomendar de tu país,  tanto sea, de gran trayectoria y nuevas?

Es muy difícil elegir. Para ser variado, recomiendo totalmente estas bandas:

Morna, April Weeps, Doomas, Ramchat, Signum Regis, Orkrist, Ain, Atanas.


 ¿Cómo es el público metalero de tu país,  apoyan a las bandas del underground, o solamente van a shows internacionales?

Como en todas partes, por supuesto, la gente asiste a conciertos de “grandes bandas” más, por otro lado, la gente también está dispuesta a viajar largas distancias para espectáculos subterráneos. Todo depende de la formación.


 En Sudamérica y en diferentes partes del mundo, cantan en inglés,  pero otras lo hacen en su idioma natal. ¿Qué piensa usted?

Me gusta cuando puedo entender la letra, pero a veces es agradable cambiar escuchar un lenguaje exótico 🙂

El idioma inglés es el idioma hablado por la mayoría del mundo, por lo tanto, también escribimos textos en inglés. Debido a que producimos álbumes conceptuales y nuestra música trata sobre un tema en particular, sería incomprensible para el oyente no eslovaco.

Tenemos solo una canción eslovaca, y eso se debe a la cooperación con Korpiklaani. Trabajamos con ellos en su proyecto CERVEZA. Creo que es una versión muy buena, a Korpiklaani también le gustó y disfrutó durante el show en vivo en Eslovaquia. Pero no puedo acostumbrarme al idioma eslovaco en la música metal, me parece poco natural después de todos estos años.

Puedes encontrar esta versión eslovaca de Beer Beer llamada PIVO PIVO en youtube, Spotify, etc.


¿Conocen bandas argentinas?

Para ser honesto, solo conozco a Skiltron y Elessär. Puedes recomendarme un poco más, realmente me gustaría descubrir nueva música 🙂


¿Cuál es el futuro próximo de achsar?

Por el momento, debido a la cuarentena, nuestros programas también han sido cancelados, tanto en casa como en el extranjero. También es complicado encontrarse en los ensayos. Tan pronto como sea posible, estaremos listos para seguir trabajando en el nuevo álbum. Estén atentos, la mitad ya está lista;)

Tampoco rechazaremos la invitación a conciertos.


Contactos  de la banda?

Puede contactarnos por mensaje privado en Facebook o Instagram @achsarofficial o por correo electrónico


Algún mensaje, para mis oyentes del TELON DE ACERO RADIO,   y publico metalero argentino ¡!!!!

Gracias por esta entrevista, realmente lo aprecio. ¡Manténgase a salvo, esté atento y escuche a Achsar! 🙂

Peter / achsar /

Cortesía del colega Marcelo Quiroga (Telon de Acero Radio)




Karl Szulik Guitarrista de

DA Name & Logo

Me encantaría saber la historia de la banda. ¿Quién decide formarla y Qué miembros la forman actualmente?

La banda se formó oficialmente a fines de 2006 / principios de 2007. Sin embargo, Luke estaba interfiriendo con algunos de los miembros originales incluso antes de eso. Personalmente, fui el último miembro en unirme originalmente a Divine Ascension. Respondí un anuncio en línea a través de un foro local de músicos de Melbourne. Conocí a los muchachos, reunimos algunas ideas y al minuto siguiente era miembro de tiempo completo y ¡la Ascensión Divina estaba completa!

Actualmente tenemos cuatro miembros; Jennifer Borg, Jason Meracis, Luke Wenczel y yo. Aunque Jen, Luke y yo hemos estado en la banda desde el principio, debo señalar que Jason ha sido nuestro amigo desde el principio (e incluso antes para mí). Entonces, él es básicamente un miembro original. ¡Jaja!

Photo DA2018

¿Cuántos discos poseen editados?

Hemos lanzado tres álbumes de larga duración; As The Truth Appears (2011), Liberator (2014) y The Uncovering (2018). También hemos lanzado Evermore como single en 2018 y un Demo de tres pistas en 2007 para ayudarnos a asegurar conciertos locales cuando comenzamos a tocar como banda.

51O7IFG4c-L._SY355_coverThe Uncovering_6334.jpg

Hablemos de su último disco de estudio. ¿Cómo ha sido el proceso compositivo en lo que respecta a lo instrumental?

Ha sido un viaje! ¡Jaja! Antes de comenzar el proceso de escritura para cada álbum, siempre reflexionamos sobre lo que hemos hecho previamente y discutimos cómo podemos mejorarlo. El descubrimiento no fue diferente. Discutimos la idea de hacer que el álbum sea más impulsado por la guitarra con muchos riffs pesados ​​y melodías vocales altísimas. También queríamos intentar incluir algunos elementos más progresivos que presentamos en Liberator, como el tiempo y los cambios clave.

Al igual que con todos nuestros escritos, tendemos a completarlo de muchas maneras. Por lo general, trabajamos en algunas ideas individualmente y luego las presentamos al grupo y trabajamos más en ellas para construir una canción a partir de la idea. Sin embargo, cada idea que alguien arroja al ring puede ser tan simple como una melodía o tan compleja como una estructura aproximada de una canción.

A partir de ahí, Jen generalmente comienza a juntar ideas vocales y trabaja sobre temas líricos. Ella es meticulosa en este aspecto y generalmente pasa mucho tiempo investigando ideas y reflexionando sobre cosas de la vida.

A medida que comenzamos a fusionar ideas e instrumentos vocales juntos, siempre continuamos cambiando y adaptando ideas para construir más ideas. Entonces, las canciones siempre pasan por muchas variaciones para convertirse en lo que escuchas en el disco. ¡Incluso en el estudio mientras grabamos cambiamos las cosas! ¡Jaja!


¿Qué mensaje intentan expresar en sus letras?

Hay varios mensajes retratados a lo largo de nuestras canciones. Me he dado cuenta de que cada álbum tiende a seguir un tema o idea determinados y cada canción puede estar relacionada con eso. Por ejemplo, As The Truth Appears tiene un tema común de esperanza, mientras que Liberator tiene el tema de romper las cadenas que te atan. The Uncovering parece tener un tema del legado que dejas atrás con las elecciones que haces.

Pero todas y cada una de las canciones pueden interpretarse de diferentes maneras. Muchos de nosotros en la banda a menudo nos relacionamos con las canciones de manera diferente y tenemos opiniones diferentes sobre lo que sentimos que representa. Me gusta eso. Permite al oyente conectarse también con el arte a su manera.


¿Cuánto tiempo les ha tomado terminar este último disco y Cómo ha sido el proceso de grabación?

Tomó mucho más tiempo de lo que inicialmente esperábamos. Originalmente queríamos lanzar el álbum en 2017. La razón del retraso se debió a que nuestro tecladista retrasó el proceso. Para abreviar una larga historia, dejó la banda durante el proceso de grabación. Entonces, decidimos como banda volver a imaginar las canciones y reescribir todas las partes del teclado. Este fue un proceso complicado ya que ya estábamos en el proceso de grabación y estábamos acostumbrados a las partes que había contribuido hasta ese momento. Pero queríamos un sonido nuevo. Así que trabajamos muy duro mientras nos damos el tiempo necesario para recrear el paisaje sonoro del álbum.


Suele suceder que la gran mayoría de las bandas, una vez que terminan las grabaciones y lo editan, al tiempo se cuestionan un montón de cosas sobre el disco. ¿Han quedados conforme con el producto final, o con el tiempo se han planteado que podrían haber hecho las cosas diferentes?

Con todo lo que hemos hecho, ya sea música, obras de arte, videoclips, shows en vivo, etc., lo reflexionamos y lo discutimos. Por supuesto, siempre hay cosas que encontramos que podríamos mejorar o tal vez lo hemos hecho mejor. Pero creo en esforzarnos constantemente por mejorar y con cada álbum, videoclip, etc., hacemos todo lo posible para llevarlo al siguiente nivel.

Mirando hacia atrás a los álbumes que hemos creado, personalmente estoy bastante contento y orgulloso de lo que hemos logrado. Definitivamente no volvería y cambiaría nada. Cada álbum representa un pensamiento, un sentimiento o una idea en ese momento de nuestras vidas. Es un momento capturado en el tiempo para siempre.


Últimamente hay muchas bandas con vocalistas femeninas que no cantan lírico, sino que aprovechan su caudal vocal natural un 100%. ¿Cómo es trabajar con su vocalista?

Jen es una increíble cantante y escritora de letras. Siempre crea ideas únicas sobre las que escribir y pasa mucho tiempo pensando en ellas y construyéndolas. A veces trabaja en torno a un concepto e investiga más para poder comprenderlo mejor y, por lo tanto, escribir palabras más específicas para representar la idea o el sentimiento.

Siempre es fácil trabajar con Jen cuando se trata de música. Sin embargo, a veces es un poco extraño lo cerca que estamos en las longitudes de onda. ¡Es como si ella pudiera leer mi mente! ¡Jaja!


¿Cuál es el significado que se esconde tras el nombre Divine Ascension?

Cuando buscábamos un nombre de banda original, teníamos muchas ideas flotando. El problema que tuvimos fue que todas las ideas originales que creíamos tener ya estaban tomadas. Realmente tuvimos problemas para encontrar algo que nos gustara que fuera único y que aún no se hubiera tomado.

Recuerdo que la palabra “ascensión” se lanzaba bastante como una representación de la banda comenzando desde el principio, en la parte inferior y avanzando hacia cosas más grandes y mejores. Sin embargo, todavía no pudimos encontrar nada original que funcionara con esa palabra.

Al mismo tiempo, recuerdo que alguien describió la voz de Jen como “divina” y uno de los miembros de la banda dijo al azar que deberíamos juntar esas dos palabras. Creo que esa misma noche alguien revisó para ver si se había tomado el nombre, lo que, afortunadamente, no. A partir de esa noche fuimos Divina Ascensión.


Me intriga mucho la portada de su último disco. ¿Qué quisieron expresar con dicha portada?

La portada de la obra fue creada a partir de nuestra idea original. Jason estaba muy interesado en tener algo futurista que combinara con la música que sonaba mucho más moderna que los álbumes anteriores.

El concepto se basa en la idea de las elecciones que todos enfrentamos actualmente. Podría ser en nuestras propias vidas personales o en aquellas que tienen un impacto a mayor escala. Sin embargo, la idea es que cada elección podría conducir a un futuro utópico en el que prosperemos (la portada), o un futuro distópico en el que la destrucción y la oscuridad nos consuman (otra página del folleto).

Le presentamos esta idea a un artista al que amamos el trabajo, James Ledger. Tomó la idea y creó lo que ves hoy.


Me gustaría que me cuenten ¿Cómo es un show de la banda?

¡Épico! ¡Jaja! En realidad, nos divertimos mucho en el escenario porque realmente disfrutamos lo que hacemos. Muchas personas nos han dicho después de los shows que nuestros shows son una experiencia. Describen la alta energía que emitimos fuera del escenario y a menudo dicen que sintieron que ni siquiera querían pestañear, ya que perderían algo importante. Como nunca me he visto tocar en vivo (excepto en una película), creo que solo puedo usar lo que otros dicen de nosotros. ¡Jaja!


La escena metalera en Australia ha crecido mucho estos últimos años. ¿Qué bandas pueden recomendarnos del Continente en el cuál viven?

Well AC/DC is the most important Aussie band we have!  Haha!  But yes, you are correct.  Australia seems to be producing many quality heavy metal bands in recent years.  I think it is great!  We have played with many great bands here over the years.  Earlier this year we travelled to Perth and played the Stormrider Festival with some great bands such as Silent Knight, Orpheus Omega and Lord.  But the list of great bands in Australia is vast!  I recently saw Hemina play a show in Melbourne and they are great too!


¿Cómo llegan a formar parte del sello discográfico al que pertenecen?

Nuestros primeros acuerdos de sello discográfico fueron asegurados por nuestra antigua gerencia. As The Truth Appears fue lanzado en todo el mundo a través de Nightmare Records y en Japón a través de Hydrant Music. Nuestro acuerdo actual con el sello discográfico ViciSolum Productions fue asegurado por el mismo método. Creo que pudimos asegurar los acuerdos porque los sellos discográficos pudieron ver que teníamos un enfoque profesional y siempre nos esforzamos por lanzar productos de alta calidad.


¿Qué conocen del metal Sudamericano?

Angra! Ah, y Delta! Dos de mis bandas de metal favoritas de América del Sur. América del Sur tiene muchas grandes bandas de heavy metal. Sin embargo, siempre estoy abierto a más sugerencias. Entonces, si tiene alguna recomendación, hágamelo saber.


Planes futuros de la banda.

Actualmente estamos reservando una gira australiana para promocionar The Uncovering, además de escribir un nuevo video clip que esperamos lanzar a principios del próximo año. Además de eso, hemos comenzado a escribir nuestro próximo álbum que esperamos grabar pronto también. Nos encantaría volver al extranjero nuevamente si tenemos la oportunidad. No sé, tal vez América del Sur podría ser una posibilidad.


Mensaje de despedida

¡Muchas gracias a todos nuestros fanáticos en América del Sur por el apoyo continuo! Agradecemos sinceramente todos sus mensajes y palabras amables. Seguir rockeando’! Finalmente, gracias a Alejandro y Novedades Metal por darme la oportunidad de hablar de todas las cosas de la Ascensión Divina.


Alejandro Allo 02/12/19

Karl Szulik 03/12/19



Karl Szulik Guitarrist of

DA Name & Logo

I would love to know the history of the band. Who decides to form it and which members currently form it?
The band was officially formed in late 2006/early 2007. However, Luke was jamming with some of the original members even earlier than that. Personally, I was the final member to originally join Divine Ascension.  I answered an advertisement online through a local Melbourne musician forum.  I met the guys, we jammed some ideas and the next minute I was a full-time member and Divine Ascension was complete!

Currently we have four members; Jennifer Borg, Jason Meracis, Luke Wenczel and myself. Although Jen, Luke and myself have all been in the band since the beginning, I must point out that Jason has been friends with us since the beginning (and even earlier for me).  So, he is basically an original member.  Haha!

Photo DA2018

How many discs have edited?

We have released three full length albums; As The Truth Appears (2011), Liberator (2014) and The Uncovering (2018).  We have also released Evermore as a single in 2018 and a three track Demo in 2007 to help secure us local gigs when we first started playing as a band.

51O7IFG4c-L._SY355_coverThe Uncovering_6334.jpg

Let’s talk about your latest studio album. How has the compositional process been in regards to the instrumental?

It has been a journey!  Haha!  Before we begin the writing process for each album, we always reflect on what we have previously done and discuss how we can improve upon it.  The Uncovering was no different.  We discussed the idea of making the album more guitar driven with plenty of heavy riffs and soaring vocal melodies.  We also wanted to try and include a few more progressive elements that we introduced in Liberator such as time and key changes.

As with all our writing, we tend to complete it many ways.  We usually work on some ideas individually and then present them to the group and further work on them to build a song from the idea.  However, each and every idea someone throws into the ring can be as simple as a melody or as complex as a rough structure of a song.

From there Jen usually starts putting vocal ideas together and works on lyrical themes.  She is meticulous in this aspect and usually spends a lot of time researching ideas and reflecting on things in life.

As we begin merging vocal ideas and instruments together, we always continue to change and adapt ideas to further build on ideas.  So, the songs always go through many variations to become what you hear on the record.  Even in the studio while tracking we change things!  Haha!



What message are you trying to express in your letters?

There are various messages portrayed throughout our songs.  I have noticed that each album tends to run along a certain theme or idea and each song can be related to that.  For example, As The Truth Appears has a common theme of hope, whereas Liberator has a theme of breaking the chains that bind you.  The Uncovering seems to have a theme of the legacy you leave behind with the choices you make.

But each and every song can be interpreted different ways.  Many of us in the band often relate to songs differently and have differing opinions on what exactly we feel it represents.  I like that.  It allows the listener to also connect with the art in their own way.


How long did it take you to finish this last album and how was the recording process?

It took a lot longer than we had initially hoped.  We originally wanted to release the album in 2017.  The reason for the delay was due to our keyboard player delaying the process.  To cut a long story short, he left the band during the recording process.  So, we decided as a band to reimagine the songs and rewrite all of the keyboard parts.  This was a tricky process as we were already in the recording process and were used to the parts he had contributed up until that point.  But we wanted a fresh sound.  So we worked really hard while giving ourselves the time needed to recreate the soundscape of the album.


It usually happens that the vast majority of the bands, once they finish the recordings and edit it, at the same time they question a lot of things about the disc. Have they been satisfied with the final product, or have they thought over time that they could have done different things?

With everything we have done, whether it is the music, artwork, video clips, live shows, etc. we reflect and discuss it.  Of course, there are always things we find we could improve on or maybe have done better.  But I believe in constantly striving to improve and with each album, video clip, etc. we try our very best to take it to the next level.

Looking back at the albums we have created, I am personally quite content and proud with what we have achieved.  I would definitely not go back and change anything.  Each album represents a thought, a feeling or idea at that time of our lives.  It is a moment captured in time forever.


Lately there are many bands with female vocalists who do not sing lyric, but take advantage of their 100% natural vocal flow. What is it like to work with your vocalist?

Jen is an amazing singer and lyric writer.  She always creates unique ideas to write about and spends a great deal of time thinking about them as well as building them.  Sometimes she works around a concept and researches further so she can get a greater understanding of it and therefore write more specific words to represent the idea or feeling.

Jen is always easy to work with when it comes to music.  Sometimes it is a little freaky how close we are on wavelengths with each other though.  It’s like she can read my mind!  Haha!


What is the meaning behind the Divine Ascension name?

When we were searching for an original band name, we had many ideas floating around.  The problem we had was that every original idea we thought we had was already taken.  We really struggled finding something we liked that was unique as well as not already taken.

I remember the word ‘ascension’ being thrown around quite a bit as a representation of the band starting from the beginning, at the bottom and moving up to bigger and better things.  However, we could still not find anything original that worked with that word.

Around the same time, I remember someone describing Jen’s voice as ‘divine’ and one of the band members randomly saying we should put those two words together.  I think that very same night someone checked to see if the name had been taken, which, thankfully it had not.  From that night forward we were Divine Ascension.


The cover of his latest album intrigues me a lot. What did they want to express with that cover?
The artwork cover was created from our original idea. Jason was very keen on having something futuristic to match the music which was much more modern sounding than the previous albums.

The concept is based upon the idea of the choices we all currently face.  It could be in our own personal lives, or those that have an impact on a greater scale.  However, the idea is that each choice could lead to a utopian future where we prosper (the front cover), or to a dystopian future where destruction and darkness consumes us (another page in the booklet).

We put forward this idea to an artist we loved the work of, James Ledger.  He took the idea and created what you see today.


I would like to be told how is a band show?
Epic!  Haha!  Actually, we have a lot of fun on stage because we genuinely enjoy what we do.  So many people have said to us after shows that our shows are an experience.  They describe the high energy we emit off stage and often say they felt as if they didn’t even want to blink as they would miss something important.  As I have never seen myself play live (except on film), I guess I can only use what others say about us.  Haha!


The metal scene in Australia has grown a lot in recent years. What bands can you recommend from the Continent in which they live?
Well AC/DC is the most important Aussie band we have! Haha!  But yes, you are correct.  Australia seems to be producing many quality heavy metal bands in recent years.  I think it is great!  We have played with many great bands here over the years.  Earlier this year we travelled to Perth and played the Stormrider Festival with some great bands such as Silent Knight, Orpheus Omega and Lord.  But the list of great bands in Australia is vast!  I recently saw Hemina play a show in Melbourne and they are great too!


How do they become part of the record label to which they belong?

Our first record label deals were secured by our old management.  As The Truth Appears was released worldwide through Nightmare Records and in Japan through Hydrant Music.  Our current deal with record label ViciSolum Productions was secured through the same method.  I think we were able to secure the deals because the record labels could see we had a professional approach and always strived to release high quality products.


What do you know about South American metal?

Angra!  Oh, and Delta!  Two of my favourite metal bands from South America.  South America has many great heavy metal bands.  However, I am always open to more suggestions.  So, if you have any recommendations, please let me know. J


Future plans of the band.

We are currently booking an Australian tour to promote The Uncovering as well as writing a new video clip which we hope to release early next year.  On top of that we have started writing our next album which we hope to record soon too.  We would love to tour overseas again if we get the opportunity.  I don’t know, maybe South America could be a possibility.


Farewell message.

Thank you very much to all of our fans in South America for the ongoing support!  We sincerely appreciate all your messages and kind words.  Keep rockin’!  Finally, thank you Alejandro and Novedades Metal for giving me the opportunity talk all things Divine Ascension.


Alejandro Allo 02/12/19

Karl Szulik 03/12/19



Dan Baune Guitarrista de

Monument Logo 2018

Gracias por acceder a esta entrevista. Sé  que la iniciativa  de formar la banda estuvo a cargo de su vocalista. Cuéntenme ¿Cómo sucedieron estos hechos?

Dan Baune: Sí, así que en realidad hubo una formación diferente que hizo el primer EP “Rock The Night” a fines de 2011 / principios de 2012. Yo mismo me uní a fines de 2012, cuando comenzamos a trabajar en el debut. álbum “Renegados”. Literalmente, una semana después de unirme, recuerdo haber entrado al estudio y grabar una versión de portada de “Black Night” de Deep Purple para la organización benéfica contra el cáncer Sunflower Jam de Ian Paice, en honor a Jon Lord, que acababa de fallecer recientemente. Bob Katsionis de Firewind contribuyó con el solo de teclado para esto, lo cual fue fantástico. Así que no estuve allí en el primer inicio de la banda, pero Peter, yo y el resto de la pandilla definitivamente compartimos una visión en aquellos primeros días, donde había muy poco tenor clásico / falsete cantando en heavy metal, especialmente en Gran Bretaña, y solo queríamos recuperar ese sonido melódico, pero con un toque moderno.

¿Quiénes son sus actuales integrantes?

Dan Baune: Actualmente estamos: Peter Ellis en la voz, yo y Lewis Stephens en las guitarras principales, Giavanni Dürst en la batería y Daniel Bate en el bajo. Ocasionalmente, Nik Sampson (guitarrista de Devilment, Prolapse A.D.) y Chris Dale (bajista de Sack Trick, anteriormente de Tank y Bruce Dickinson) nos ayudan en la gira cuando uno de nosotros está indispuesto.


¿Qué material poseen editado?

Dan Baune: tenemos 3 álbumes de estudio, ¡y un álbum en vivo muy pronto!

RenegadesHair of the DogHellhound_2957.jpg

Hablemos de su primer trabajo discográfico “RENEGADES”, un álbum fresco, con excelentes riff y mucha melodía algo que no escuchaba hacía tiempo en bandas más actuales por expresarlo de alguna manera. ¿Cuándo comienza la composición de este disco y Cómo fue el proceso compositivo del mismo?

Dan Baune: ¡Gracias por las amables palabras! Sí, eso era exactamente lo que estábamos buscando, mucha, mucha melodía, pero un ambiente moderno y agresivo en general. Siempre es divertido hacer los primeros álbumes, porque a veces algunas de las canciones están en la mente de las personas durante años y finalmente se concretan. Algunas de las canciones de este álbum ya estaban en el EP de demostración, así que las volvimos a grabar de una mejor manera. Para las otras canciones, Peter y yo nos juntamos para hacer algunas demostraciones de preproducción. En general, tiene una idea aproximada de la canción en su conjunto y luego hacemos las ediciones y los arreglos juntos, antes de llevarlo a la banda a tocar la batería y el bajo, etc. La mayoría de las canciones comienzan con algunos acordes y una fuerte guitarra o melodía vocal, y la construimos a partir de ahí.


¿Cuál es la temática de las letras en este disco?

Dan Baune: ¡Hay muchos temas líricos en este álbum! Siempre nos gusta hacer algunas canciones sobre temas históricos o míticos. Crusaders es una canción histórica, por ejemplo, Fatal Attack trata sobre Jack The Ripper y Omega tiene más un trasfondo espiritual. Y luego nos gusta hacer cosas que son un poco más livianas y más divertidas también, como Runaway, que es una especie de canción de amor medieval cruzada por las estrellas, y Renegades, que es más angustiada y describe cómo nos sentimos en la comunidad metal, nuestra generación especialmente . En general, diría que el álbum trata sobre la hermandad. En esta banda, somos una familia, y cuando éramos jóvenes y teníamos hambre de éxito, habríamos atravesado las llamas el uno para el otro.


En este álbum tienen la participación de un miembro de Judas Priest. ¿Quién es él y como llega su participación al disco?

Dan Baune: Sí, esta fue Ritchie Faulkner (¡¡el Halcón !!!). Entró y tocó un solo fantástico en nuestra canción “Rock The Night” cuando se unió a Judas Priest, reemplazando a K.K. Downing quien acababa de abandonar la banda. Lo conocemos por la escena en Londres, hay un lugar llamado The Monarch en Camden donde solía tocar regularmente. Es una especie de escena donde muchos músicos se mezclan, y hay un atasco de metal casi todos los domingos. Creo que Peter y Ritchie habían sido amigos durante muchos años antes de conocerlo.


En el año 2016 editan su segundo disco de estudio luego de haber tenido una gran repercusión con su disco  debut. ¿Cómo fue trabajar en su segundo disco luego de haber revolucionado la escena metalera con su álbum debut?

Dan Baune: El segundo álbum siempre es mucho más difícil, porque tienes toda tu vida para escribir el primer álbum, y de repente solo tienes un año más o menos para escribir el número 2. Además, ahora hay expectativas, así que es un ¡Muchas presiones combinadas! Pero fuimos muy afortunados, nuestro álbum debut nos consiguió un gran contrato discográfico con Rock Of Angels Records en Grecia, que nos han brindado un apoyo increíble desde entonces, y no podríamos estar más felices. Con su apoyo, pudimos acudir a un productor fantástico llamado Scott Atkins, que ha trabajado en estrecha colaboración con Andy Sneap y tiene un estilo de producción similar. Ese era exactamente el sonido que perseguíamos en ese momento, por lo que fue un ajuste perfecto. Si la memoria me sirve, la escritura en realidad sucedió bastante rápido. Estábamos seguros de lo que estábamos haciendo y para entonces éramos una máquina bien engrasada y muy motivados. Sin embargo, el proceso de grabación fue más estresante, ya que era la primera vez que algunos de nosotros habíamos trabajado con un productor líder como Scott. En ese entorno, no se toleran los errores, ya sabes, cada actuación está constantemente bajo el microscopio y todo se mejora lo más posible, lo que lleva tiempo, ¡pero finalmente vale la pena el esfuerzo! Para mí, A Bridge Too Far de este álbum sigue siendo mi canción favorita de Monument hasta el día de hoy.


¿Cuánto tiempo les llevo componer “Hair Of The Dog” y Cómo fue su método de composición?

Dan Baune: Diría que tomó cerca de un año. Nos gusta trabajar, ya sabes, tan pronto como se lanzó “Renegades”, comenzamos a escribir y grabar demos nuevamente, cada vez que había tiempo. A menudo, Peter, Lewis y yo solo tocamos nuestras guitarras en las habitaciones de hotel cuando estábamos de gira, y luego, cuando volvimos a casa, Peter y yo nos reuníamos, porque ambos vivíamos en Londres y grabábamos demos en mi casa. estudio. Como estuve involucrado desde el comienzo del proceso esta vez, también tuve un aporte más creativo, lo que fue divertido para mí y enriquece el material en general. Y cuando teníamos de 12 a 15 buenas canciones como esta, nos reunimos como toda la banda para tocar el material en una sala de ensayo para ver cuáles son las mejores canciones, y luego lo redujimos a 10.


¿Cómo llegan a formar parte de su discográfica griega?

Dan Baune: Entonces, mencioné brevemente nuestra amistad con Bob Katsionis anteriormente. Ahora, la banda de Bob Outloud vino al Reino Unido para una gira en 2015, así que fuimos de gira juntos para apoyarlos. Bob es un ser humano fantástico, un tipo muy humilde, e inmediatamente pensó en presentarnos al director de su compañía discográfica, Rock Of Angels Records (ROAR). El jefe de esta compañía, Akis, es un gran tipo y nos llevamos bien de inmediato. Él compartió nuestra visión y también era un gran fanático de NWOBHM como nosotros, ¡así que fue una combinación perfecta!


¿Por Qué deciden bautizar a la banda con el nombre Monument?

Dan Baune: El nombre Monumento encapsula aspectos para nosotros. Número uno, Monument es una parte de la ciudad de Londres. La jungla urbana de esta gran ciudad siempre nos ha moldeado masivamente de manera creativa, nuestras ambiciones y nuestra visión de la vida, y creo que esto se refleja mucho en nuestra música. En segundo lugar, significa qué es la banda. Es un monumento a todas las grandes bandas británicas que nos precedieron, honra a nuestros predecesores y trae ese sonido al nuevo milenio, con una base sólida que no se puede mover. ¡¡Estamos aquí para quedarnos!!


Reino Unido ha sido la madre de grande bandas como Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, etc. ¿Qué nuevos exponentes ofrece la escena actual inglesa,  cuando me refiero a nuevos, me enfoco en los últimos 10 años hasta  la actualidad?

.Dan Baune: Lamentablemente, la escena en el Reino Unido ha cambiado en los últimos años y hay muy pocas bandas emergentes que tengan un sonido clásico o melódico. La escena del Reino Unido se inclina mucho hacia el fenómeno estadounidense de Metalcore y Deathcore en estos días. Pero hay algunas luces en la oscuridad, por supuesto, bandas como Toledo Steel y Primitai, y aunque no son nuevas, ¡bandas como Diamond Head y Saxon todavía están lanzando discos increíbles hasta el día de hoy! Europa Central, Europa del Este y Alemania en particular son lugares donde el sonido más tradicional de Heavy Metal está mucho más vivo, por lo que nos encanta ir a tocar allí, y hay muchas bandas emergentes.


Sé que han participado en grandes festivales europeos. ¿Cómo es un show de Monument y Cuál es la reacción del público en sus conciertos?

Dan Baune: Sí, hemos sido muy afortunados de tocar en escenarios muy grandes, el año pasado incluso pudimos compartir el escenario con Judas Priest (Metal Day, Eslovenia) y Iron Maiden (Rockwave, Grecia), que Fue una experiencia increíble! A la multitud le encanta, creo que nos encuentran refrescantes. Muchas bandas en estos días vienen y tocan estas cosas súper técnicas, pero no se mueven ni un centímetro en el escenario, o se lo toman demasiado en serio, nunca sonríen, ya sabes. Nos gusta divertirnos en el escenario, difundir positividad y dar a la audiencia la oportunidad de escapar y olvidarse de sus vidas durante una hora. Nos encanta organizar un espectáculo espectacular con pirotecnia y teatro. Porque, seamos sinceros, cuando el último de los gigantes se retire … Lemmy y Dio están muertos, Black Sabbath se retiró, Kiss y Slayer están en su última gira, ¿quién queda … Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Metallica quizás? … Cuando estos tipos también se retiren, ¿quién ocupará su lugar en los principales festivales? ¿Quién encabezará Rock In Rio? Avenged Sevenfold quizás. O Nightwish. Pero la mayoría de las bandas de Metal en estos días no organizan un espectáculo épico que pueda igualar tal esfuerzo. ¡Queremos ser esa banda!


En el 2018 sale a la luz su tercer disco, y ahora me doy cuenta que editan un disco cada dos años, por lo menos en estos tres discos hasta el momento. ¿Qué pueden contarme de este nuevo trabajo discográfico?

Dan Baune: “Hellhound” fue una experiencia muy diferente a la de los dos álbumes anteriores. Estábamos contemplando volver a Scott Atkins, para hacer un disco con el mismo sonido que “Hair Of The Dog”, pero decidimos que queríamos evolucionar un poco más. “Hellhound” es un disco muy diferente. Por un lado, escuchamos a los fanáticos y elegimos canciones que pensamos que disfrutarían. Por ejemplo, los dos primeros álbumes tenían baladas, y aunque me encanta escribirlos, rara vez los tocamos en vivo y los fanáticos nunca los mencionaron como sus canciones favoritas. Entonces, elegimos no hacer una balada en este álbum. Además, tuvimos un instrumental en el primer álbum, no en el segundo. Los fanáticos dijeron que se perdieron un instrumental, así que ¡pusimos un instrumental en este álbum! Ahora, en términos de producción y sonido, estábamos muy orgullosos de lo que hicimos con “Hair Of The Dog”, pero nos sentimos un poco como si nos estuviéramos escondiendo detrás de toda esa gran producción. Queríamos hacer un disco que fuera más real, más vivo y más realista, impredecible y peligroso, no demasiado perfecto. Así que eso fue lo que hicimos, y encontramos al productor perfecto para el trabajo. Tony Newton acababa de mezclar el último lanzamiento en vivo de Iron Maiden (The Book Of Souls – Live Chapter) y estaba buscando hacer la transición para hacer más grabaciones de estudio. Estuvo disponible y aprovechamos la oportunidad de trabajar con él, ¡e hizo un trabajo estelar!


Su vocalista posee un registro vocal privilegiado. ¿Cómo es trabajar con él?

Me encanta trabajar con Peter, él es como yo, muy directo. Dice lo que quiere decir y quiere decir lo que dice. No hay ego cuando trabajamos juntos, solo importan los resultados, y ambos queremos lo mejor para la canción y la banda, ¡siempre!

¿Qué intentan plasmar con sus letras en este nuevo disco?

Líricamente, nos gusta mantener la mezcla que mencioné antes. Hay algunos cuentos épicos históricos, como William Kidd y Attila, algunas leyendas más urbanas como Death Avenue y Night Rider, y hay algunas canciones para los fanáticos que celebran nuestra cultura y estilo de vida Heavy Metal, como Creatures Of The Night y Wheels Of Steel (una referencia de motocicleta).


El sonido de sus discos es impecable, al igual que sus diseños gráficos. ¿Quiénes son las personas encargadas de todo esto?

En términos del sonido, como expliqué a lo largo de nuestra conversación, nos gusta cambiar las cosas en términos de producción para mantener las cosas interesantes para nosotros, así como para los fanáticos. En términos generales, Peter es el compositor principal y tiene una visión a largo plazo y ve el panorama general. Soy más un tipo de detalles, y estoy a cargo de la ingeniería de gran parte del material para nuestros registros (grabación, edición, organización, etc.). Pero realmente se reduce a las actuaciones al final del día, y todos los miembros de la banda son jugadores increíbles y tienen sus propios estilos distintos, ¡la suma de los cuales hace de Monument lo que es sonoramente! En términos de gráficos, una vez más, Peter generalmente está a cargo de los conceptos y las historias, como lo está con las letras. Hemos tenido mucha suerte de tener una gran relación con Stan W Decker, quien ha estado haciendo todas las obras de arte del Monumento desde el primer día. Es un artista prolífico, siempre trabaja, ha hecho cosas increíbles para Blackmore’s Night y Ross The Boss, por ejemplo. Un verdadero profesional, ¡nos encanta trabajar con él!


Alejandro Allo 26/11/19





Dan Baune guitarist of

Monument Logo 2018Thanks for accessing this interview. I know that the initiative to form the band was in charge of its vocalist. Tell me, how did these events happen?

Dan Baune: Yes, so there was actually an enterily different line-up that did the first EP “Rock The Night” back in late 2011/early 2012. I myself joined in late 2012, when we started working on the debut album “Renegades”. Literally a week after I joined I remember going into the studio and recording a cover version of Deep Purple’s “Black Night” for Ian Paice’s Sunflower Jam cancer charity, in honor of Jon Lord who had just passed away recently. Bob Katsionis from Firewind contributed the keyboard solo for this, which was fantastic. So I wasn’t there in the very first inception of the band, but Peter, myself and the rest of the gang definitely shared a vision in those early days, where there was very little classic tenor/falsetto singing in heavy metal, especially in Britain, and we just wanted to bring that melodic sound back, but with a modern twist.

Who are your current members?

Dan Baune: Currently we are: Peter Ellis on vocals, myself and Lewis Stephens on lead guitars, Giavanni Dürst on drums and Daniel Bate on bass guitar. Ocasionally Nik Sampson (guitarist at Devilment, Prolapse A.D.) and Chris Dale (bassist at Sack Trick, formerly of Tank and Bruce Dickinson) help us out on tour when one of us is indisposed.


What material do you have edited?

Dan Baune: we have  3 studio albums out now, and a live album is coming very soo

RenegadesHair of the DogHellhound_2957.jpg

Let’s talk about his first album “RENEGADES”, a fresh album, with excellent riff and a lot of melody, something I haven’t heard in more current bands for some time to express it in some way. When does the composition of this album begin and how was its compositional process?

Dan Baune: Thank you for the kind words! Yes, that was exactly what we were aiming for, lots and lots of melody, but an agressive modern vibe overall. First albums are always fun to do, because sometimes some of the songs are in people’s minds for years and finally come to fruition you know. Some of the songs on this album were already on the demo EP, so we just re-recorded them in a better fashion. For the other songs, Peter and I got together to do some pre-production demos. He generally has a rough idea of the song as a whole and then we do the fine edits and arrangements together, before taking it in to the band to work out drums and bass and so on. Most songs start with some chords and a strong guitar or vocal melody, and we build it from there.


What is the theme of the lyrics on this album?

Dan Baune: There are many lyrical themes on this album! We always like doing a few songs about historical or mythical subjects. Crusaders is a historic song for example, Fatal Attack is about Jack The Ripper and Omega has more of a spiritual undertone. And then we like doing things that are a bit lighter and more fun too, like Runaway which is a sort of medieval star-crossed lover song, and Renegades, which is more angsty and describes how we feel in the metal community, our generation especially. On the whole, I would say the album is about brotherhood. In this band, we’re a family, and at the time we were young and hungry for success, we would have walked through flames for each other you know.


In this album they have the participation of a member of Judas Priest. Who is he and how does his participation come to the album?

Dan Baune: Yes, this was Ritchie Faulkner (the Falcon!!!). He came in and played a fantastic solo on our song “Rock The Night” around the time that he joined Judas Priest, replacing K.K. Downing who had just left the band. We know him from the scene in London, there’s this place called The Monarch in Camden where he used to play regularly. It’s a sort of scene hang-out where a lot of musicians mingle, and there’s a metal jam most every Sunday. I think Peter and Ritchie had been friends for many years before I met him.


In 2016 they publish their second studio album after having had a great impact with their debut album. How was working on your second album after revolutionizing the metal scene with your debut album?

Dan Baune: The second album is always a lot harder, because you have your whole life to write the first album, and suddenly you only have a year or so to write number 2. Plus there are expectations now, so it’s a lot of combined pressures! But we were very fortunate, our debut album got us a great record deal with Rock Of Angels Records in Greece, who have been amazingly supportive ever since, and we couldn’t be happier. With their support, we were able to go to a fantastic producer called Scott Atkins, who has worked closely with Andy Sneap and has a similar style of production. That was exactly the sound we were chasing at the time, so it was a perfect fit. If memory serves me right, the writing actually happened fairly quickly. We were sure of what we were doing and were a well oiled machine by then, and very motivated. The recording process was more stressful though, as it was the first time some of us had worked with a top producer such as Scott. In that environment, mistakes aren’t tolerated you know, every performance is constantly under the microscope and everything is improved as much as possible, which takes time, but is ultimately very much worth the effort! For me, A Bridge Too Far from this album is still my favourite Monument song to this day.


How long did it take you to compose “Hair Of The Dog” and how was your method of composition?

Dan Baune: I would say it took about a year. We like to work you know, so as soon as “Renegades” was released, we started writing and recording demos again, whenever there’s time. Often, Peter, Lewis and myself would just jam with our guitars in hotel rooms when we were on tour, and then when we got back home, Peter and I would meet up, because we both lived in London, and record demos at my home studio. As I was involved from the beginning of the process this time around, I had a bit more creative input too, which was fun for me and enriches the material overall. And when we had 12 to 15 good songs down like this, we got together as the entire band to play the material in a rehearsal room to see which are the best songs, and then we narrowed it down to 10.


How do they become part of your Greek record?

Dan Baune: So, I briefly mentioned our friendship with Bob Katsionis earlier on. Now, Bob’s band Outloud came to the UK for a tour in 2015, so we went on tour together to support them. Bob is a fantastic human being, a very humble guy, and he immediately thought to introduce us to the head of their record company, Rock Of Angels Records (ROAR). The head of this company, Akis, is a great guy and we hit it off immediately. He shared our vision and was also a huge NWOBHM fan like us, so it was a perfect match!


Why do you decide to baptize the band with the name Monument?

Dan Baune: The name Monument encaplulates to aspects for us. Number one, Monument is a part of the city of London. The urban jungle of this great city has always massively shaped us creatively, our ambitions and our outlook on life, and I believe that this is very much reflected in our music. Secondly, it signifies what the band is. It’s a Monument to all the great British bands that came before us, it honors our predecessors and brings that sound into the new millenium, with a solid foundation that cannot be moved. We are here to stay!!


United Kingdom has been the mother of great bands like Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, etc. What new exponents does the current English scene offer, when I refer to new ones, do I focus on the last 10 years to the present?

Dan Baune: Sadly, the scene in the UK has changed in recent years and there are very few emerging bands that have a classic or melodic sound. The UK scene very much leans towards the US phenomenon of Metalcore and Deathcore these days. But there are a few lights in the black of course, bands such as Toledo Steel and Primitai, and although they are not new, bands like Diamond Head and Saxon are still releasing amazing records to this day! Central Europe, Eastern Europe and Germany in particular are places where the more traditional Heavy Metal sound is much more alive, so we love going there to play, and there are many emerging bands.


I know you have participated in major European festivals. How is a Monument show and what is the reaction of the audience in their concerts?

Dan Baune: Yes, we’ve been very fortunate to play on some very big stages, last year we even got to share the stage with Judas Priest (Metal Day, Slovenia) and Iron Maiden (Rockwave, Greece), which was an amazing experience! The crowd loves it, I think they find us refreshing. So many bands these days come and play this super technical stuff, but don’t move an inch on stage, or they take it much too seriously, never smiling you know. We like to have fun on stage, to spread positivity and give the audience the opportunity to escape and forget about their lives for an hour. We love putting on a bombastic show with pyrotechnics and theatrics. Because, let’s face it, when the last of the giants retire… Lemmy and Dio are dead, Black Sabbath have retired, Kiss and Slayer are on their last tour, who is left… Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Metallica perhaps?… When these guys also retire, who will fill their slot headlining the major festivals? Who will headline Rock In Rio? Avenged Sevenfold perhaps. Or Nightwish. But most Metal bands these days don’t put on an epic show that could match such an endeavour. We want to be that band!


In 2018 his third album comes to light, and now I realize that they publish a disc every two years, at least on these three albums so far. What can you tell me about this new record work?

Dan Baune: “Hellhound” was a very different experience than the previous two albums. We were contemplating to go back to Scott Atkins, to do a record with the same sound as “Hair Of The Dog”, but we decided we wanted to evolve some more. “Hellhound” is a very different record. On the one hand, we listened to the fans and chose songs that we thought they would enjoy. For example, the first two albums both had ballads, and as much as I love writing them, we rarely play them live and the fans never mentioned them as their favourite songs. So, we chose not to do a ballad on this album. Also, we had an instrumental on the first album, not on the second. The fans said they missed an instrumental, so, we put an instrumental on this album! Now, in terms of production and sound, we were very proud of what we did with “Hair Of The Dog”, but we felt a little bit like we were hiding behind all that big production. We wanted to make a record that was more real, more live and more down to earth, unpredictable and dangerous, not too perfect. So that’s what we did, and we found the perfect producer for the job. Tony Newton had just mixed the latest Iron Maiden live release (The Book Of Souls – Live Chapter) and was looking to transition into doing more studio recordings. He became available and we jumped at the opportunity to work with him, and he did a stellar job!



Your vocalist has a privileged vocal record. How is it to work with him?

Dan Baune: I love working with Peter, he is like me, very straight forward. He says what he means and he means what he says. There is no ego when we work together, only the results matter, and we both want the best for the song and the band, always!

What are you trying to capture with your lyrics on this new album?

Lyrically, we like to keep the mixture I was mentioning before. There are some historic epic tales, like William Kidd and Attila, some more urban legends like Death Avenue and Night Rider, and there are some songs for the fans that celebrate our Heavy Metal culture and lifestyle, like Creatures Of The Night and Wheels Of Steel (a motorcycle reference).


The sound of your records is impeccable, as are your graphic designs. Who are the people in charge of all this?

In terms of the sound, as I explained throughout our conversation, we like to change things up in terms of production to keep things interesting for ourselves, as well as the fans. Generally speaking, Peter is the main songwriter and has the long term vision and sees the big picture. I am more of a details guy, and I am in charge of engineering a lot of the material for our records (recording, editing, arranging etc.). But it really comes down to the performances at the end of the day, and all of the band members are amazing players and have their own distinct styles, the sum of which makes Monument what it is sonically! In terms of the graphics, again, Peter is generally in charge of the concepts and stories, as he is with the lyrics. We have been very lucky to have a great relationship with Stan W Decker, who has been doing all the Monument artwork from day one. He is a prolific artist, always working, he’s done some amazing stuff for Blackmore’s Night and Ross The Boss for example. A true professional, we love working with him!


Alejandro Allo 11/26/19













Jose Rolon Baterista de


Lordowar bienvenidos a Cazador Nocturno. ¿Cómo y Cuándo se formó la banda?

Hola que tal : La banda se forma a mediados del 2009 en la Provincia De Catamarca, fundada por José Omar Rolon ( baterista) que después de haber estado distanciado de la movida, decide regresar y formar un nuevo proyecto de Power Metal, influenciado por bandas como Manowar, Majestic, Virgin Steel, Hammerfall , Rhapsody , Primal Fear , Helloween, Gamma Ray entre otros. Al principio haciendo algunos covers de estas y otras bandas del estilo. En 2010 después de probar  varios guitarristas y dar con  el más indicado se forma oficialmente Lordowar.

¿Quiénes son sus actuales integrantes?

Sergio rodríguez : voz

José Rolon: Batería

Ariel Galera. guitarra líder

Néstor Ruiz: guitarra rítmica y coros

Alejandro Gómez: bajo y coros

Diego Contreras: Teclado


s¿Qué material discográfico tienen editado?

Tenemos grabados 3 track de autoría propia / Un dvd en vivo en Uniclub 2018 show junto a Feanor y formamos parte de varios compilados de Metal Nacional e Internacional con nuestra música. Actualmente estamos en proceso de grabación de nuestro primer Disco.

¿Cuál es el significado que se encuentra tras el nombre de la banda?

El nombre de la banda es una fusión del Lord of the Ring y Manowar. Ya que son, dos de mis pasiones. Y buscaba justamente un nombre que suene como Manowar jaaa. Lordowar – Señor de Guerra.


¿Cómo definen su estilo musical y Qué significado intentan dar con sus letras?

Epic Power Metal: tratamos de dar y transmitir un mensaje positivo, de fuerza            valentía y coraje,  de poder enfrentar cualquier adversidad, de ir al frente y nunca rendirnos,  incluso con historias de nuestras mismas vidas, reflejada en narraciones y metáforas épicas.

Llego el momento de poder viajar a Bs As. A poder dar a conocer su música. ¿Cómo es que llega la convocatoria para su show en Uniclub junto a músicos nacionales e internacionales?

La convocatoria llego de una forma sorpresiva, muy temprano a la mañana. recibo el llamado del sr. Gustavo Acosta (bajo, líder de Feanor) un referente del Metal Épico en Argentina y una excelente persona, invitándome a formar parte de tremendo evento en Uniclub junto a David shankle (ex Manowar, DSG de EE UU) Sven D´anna (Wizard de Alemania) sumado a la gran banda, Guerra Santa de Venezuela y Sorcerer. La verdad no lo podía creer al principio. Fue la sensación más increíble que sentí. Estaba por cumplir uno de mis sueños y así fue, el mejor día de mi vida. jaaa


¿Qué sensación queda en ustedes como banda, luego de ese show?

La sensación más hermosa de nuestras vidas y haber dejado plasmado en un dvd ese momento tan importante de nuestra carrera. Ya que lordowar fue la única banda de Catamarca y el Norte Argentino, en haber llegado a Uniclub y a un evento de esa Tremenda magnitud. Fue realmente increíble y un gran logro para el Metal Del N.A.

Luego de ese show también han recibido muchas críticas por etiquetarlas de alguna¿Cómo toman esas críticas recibidas entre el público y diferentes medios de difusión?

Las críticas fueron excelentes, todos sorprendidos con la banda, la prensa sobre todo. Y el público que se acercó a felicitarnos y pedirnos el contacto, material y fotos, incluso los chicos de Sorcerer, feanor, David shankle y Sven D´anna nos felicitaron. La verdad quedamos muy contentos de saber que la venimos peleando y haciendo un laburo de nivel profesional, donde quedo demostrado. Gracias a esta fecha la banda empezó a tener mucha repercusión en Bs As y el resto del país. Tenemos muchísimas entrevistas, telefónicas de importantes Radios, Fanzines e invitaciones a grandes fechas.


¿Qué recuerdos tienen de su primer show y Qué repercusión tuvo en el público?

Nuestro primer show fue realmente brutal. Debutamos en Club Villa Cubas en Abril del 2012, una noche de mucho frio y bastante público Heavy que nos fue a ver. La gente de Catamarca, tenía mucha expectativa de ver una banda de Power Metal en su provincia y salió todo más que genial. Un lindo recuerdo de esa gran primera fecha jaa.

Lamentablemente a muchas bandas del interior del país les cuesta mucho poder llegar a tocar en algunos eventos por diferentes causas, como la distancia y la parte económica, pero ustedes tienen grandes festivales en su territoria. ¿Quién y Cómo se organizan estos festivales?

La verdad hace muchos años, la provincia y la región la viene remando. Hace un tiempo Catamarca empezó a tener más movidas en la capital. Hoy se hacen eventos seguidos, donde tratamos de estar presentes siempre, para hacer el aguante a todas las bandas. Lordowar participo de todos los eventos más importantes, en estos últimos años. Ahora solamente nos enfocamos a fechas y escenarios más destacados. con artistas de renombres nacional e internacional, por lo general fuera de la provincia. El evento más importante de Catamarca y el norte Argentino es en Belén. el mítico (Belicho Metal) que se viene realizando hace casi 20 Años. Con una producción impresionante donde convoca a bandas y artistas de renombre nacional. Lleva un público de más de 1500 y 2000 personas de todo el Norte Argentino y resto del país. Donde tuvimos la suerte de participar estos últimos tres años consecutivos. Como banda principal del N.A y junto a grandes exponentes del Metal Argentino.


¿Qué experiencia positiva y negativa pueden contarnos, luego de haber compartido escenario con bandas como Feanor, Lethal, Plan 4, Tren loco , el Ácido argentino, Mario Ian, Iorio, Perpectual Warfare, etc?

Creo que todo más que positivo, la experiencia de tocar en eventos de calidad donde el sonido es excelente, el escenario imponente y donde la técnica de show es mucho más profesional. Se nos abren muchas puertas y logramos ser reconocidos por productores, artistas y manager que nos piden contactos y nos tienen en cuenta para grandes fechas de nivel. Donde Apuestan y confían en nuestro trabajo.

 A la hora de componer. ¿Cómo es el actuar de la banda?

Elegimos una temática, componemos la música , se desarrolla la letra, la melodía vocal en ingles, se ensambla , se hacen los arreglos y se ensaya mucho. Hasta obtener los resultados deseados.


Me han contado que se ha grabado algo junto a otras bandas de Catamarca, para trasmitirlo por el canal de cable local. ¿Qué nos pueden contar sobre este proyecto que muestra un interés sobre lo que sucede en la música de Catamarca?

Si, el año pasado, en un evento importante llamado (Poncho Rock 2018) donde lo organiza Cultura de Catamarca, con un escenario y sonido descomunal. Se presenta una carpeta con las propuestas curriculum y trayectoria de las bandas. La organización selecciona los grupos más destacadas de la provincia. Donde lordowar fue una de las más importantes de esta última edición y se transmitió en vivo por la televisión pública de Catamarca. Con gran repercusión en todo el Norte Argentino..

¿Qué están preparando actualmente como banda?

Estamos componiendo y grabando el disco, que será mezclado y masterizado en la Nave de Oseberg en Bs As. También preparando las fechas que nos quedan por delante. En Junio con Tren Loco en Santiago – En Agosto con ANIMAL en La Rioja y en Octubre Junto a Azeroth en Tucumán, donde estaremos festejando los 9 años de la banda.


¿Cómo es la escena metalera en el Norte y Qué bandas nacionales de aquellas zonas pueden recomendarnos?

La escena en Catamarca va creciendo, hay organizadores que están realizando eventos under bastante seguidos. Con bandas de diferentes provincias, que se quieren dar a  Bandas de Bs As, La Rioja, Tucumán, Santiago, Jujuy, entre otras. Y Hay una producción muy buena de Metal extremo local, donde apuestan también a las bandas del under internacional. La escena más importante del N.A  está en Belén (Belicho Metal) También en Tucumán, Santiago y Salta donde llegan los mayores artistas de renombre nacional e internacional. Con respecto a las bandas Catamarqueñas hay varias y de varios estilos. Por nombrarte algunas puede ser   La Maza, Latem , Smegma , Ruinas, Sepulcral, Malas Costumbres etc. De La Rioja Mekala, Neverland, fuerza activa. De Santiago Sefirot, Vulgar, Vyscerys. De Tucumán  Scarlight, Misión, kemar. De Jujuy Centinela, Martirio. Entre otras.

Al estar en el Norte del país están muy cerca de algunos países limítrofes. ¿Tienen pensado llevar su música a países hermanos? Planes futuros de la banda.

Si seguro, incluso ya tenemos invitaciones para girar por Chile, Bolivia , Brasil y también el resto del país. Pero primero estamos enfocados a terminar el disco. ya que es un material de proyección internacional y por lo tanto trataremos de meterlo en el Mercado de Latinoamérica, (EE UU) y también en los diferentes países de Europa.


Muchas gracias por acceder a la nota y me gustaría que dejen un mensaje de despedida para el público de Cazador Nocturno.

Primero y principal agradecer a nuestro hermano Alejandro Allo y El Cazador Nocturno, Por el aguante y la difusión al metal de Catamarca. un fuerte abrazo a todo el público heavy nacional e internacional de cazador nocturno.

Alejandro Allo 31/05/19





726517_logoWhen was the band first formed and how were those first formative years.

Hi Alejandro. Original Stormzone drummer Davy Bates and I started playing together after Vivian Campbell left Sweet Savage to join Dio around 1982. We continued through various line-up changes with Emerald and Den Of Thieves, basically variations on the Sweet Savage theme. With Den Of Thieves we released two albums, ‘Honour Amongst Thieves’ and ‘Conspiracy’ for a Japanese label called Zero Corporation. They went out of business around 1998 but because of contractual obligations Davy and I were not able to start recording new material with a new band, so for a few years we put together a Whitesnake tribute band called ‘Snakebite’ which was very successful. In 2004 we finally got released from our Zero Corporation contract and we were asked to support Danger Danger.

We realized that we couldn’t do this as a Whitesnake tribute band so we quickly created a live set containing our Emerald and Den Of Thieves songs. We realized the potential of playing original material again, and the Whitesnake tribute became Stormzone. After several more supports around 2005 with Jeff Scott Soto and Tyketto we decided to re-record some of our older material. At this stage we had no intention of releasing anything, it was really just to get us back into a studio groove again, but Escape Music got their hands on the finished recordings and released it as the first Stormzone album, ‘Caught in the Act’. The rest, as they say, is history and during our first years we signed to SPV for two albums and went on to tour with some fantastic bands such as Y&T, Stryper, Cinderella and Tesla as well as performing at some of Europe’s largest festivals such as Wacken Open Air, Sweden Rock and Headbangers Open Air.

What is the line-up of Stormzone at the moment and which line-up do you think has been the best?

I think our strongest line up so far was just after the release of our Three Kings album which consited of myself on vocals, Graham McNulty on bass, Steve Moore on guitars, David Shields on guitars and Davy Bates on drums. David Shields and Davy Bates left the band a few years ago but David Shields has returned to the band and as you probably know by now our new drummer is from Spain, ‘El Nino’ Joaquin Arellano Valderas who has played in many great Spanish bands such as Saratoga, Muro and Mago De Oz. He has always secretly loved Stormzone and when we asked him to play with us on our Spanish tour he jumped at the opportunity and has now committed himself to being long term in Stormzone. he will also continue to play with his other bands Universa and Amigoz. We are delighted to have El Nino as our drummer because not only is he a fantastic drummer who suits the Stormzone style so well, but he is also an awesome guy, very warm and friendly and his personality also suits our band, we are honoured to have him in Stormzone. Iit has been much too long since we did any extensive touring, it’s really where we are at our best and most exciting! It’s great taking time off to record an album and it’s thrilling witnessing it’s release and then gauging reaction to that afterwards, but we love the idea of having a whole new set of songs to add to our live performances and trying them all out in the rehearsal studio to see what works and what doesn’t. We have been maintaining a live profile, but not across the water and most of our shows have been here in Ireland, which is ok because we don’t really get to play here that often when we’re preparing for tours abroad and festivals and it has been nice introducing our new material to our Irish Stormzone fans, especially as all of the songs are based on stories, myths and legends of our homeland. Doing shows in your own country doesn’t get the same exposure as tours with big bands in mainland Europe and festivals, but over the last 6 months we’ve managed to do shows here with, amongst others, Y&T, Ingorious, Warrior Soul and Anvil. It’s good that we have been active but under the radar because when it comes to what we have lined up we’ll be fully match fit and ready for action. Already confirmed is a Stormzone appearance at the Icerock festival in Switzerland and a tour of Spain in October which will take us through until the end of November, and before that we’ll be playing a series of dates in the UK, something we haven’t done for a while. All the up-coming shows will be headline appearances, something we haven’t been able to do before now, we’ve always been support to much bigger bands, but we’re really looking forward to expanding our performances to much longer than support length sets and putting on shows that fully represent the band’s live abilities which are now better than ever! With El Nino in Stormzone we will be the best we have ever been live!!


How many albums has Stormzone released to date and how can fans in Argentina get their hands on them?

We have released six albums in 12 years Alejandro, ‘Caught In The Act’ (2007), ‘Death Dealer (2009), ‘Zero To Rage’ (2011), ‘Three Kings’ (2013), ‘Seven Sins’ (2015) and ‘Lucifer’s Factory (2018). We also re-released ‘Zero To Rage’ as an exclusive digital download version completely remixed and remastered with three brand new songs included. But at the moment we are completely focusing on the promotion of ‘Lucifer’s Factory’. The release of a new album is always an exciting time for a band and with each album we are always really curious to see if reviews describe a development in the band. We’re not expecting all the reviews to be great but we always look forward to discovering if those with previous knowledge of the band have noticed a development or progression. Fortunately for us we have always had a majority of good reviews for each of our albums and with ‘Lucifer’s Factory’ the common theme amongst reviewers is that it’s our best release so far, and that means a lot to us because we really do strive to improve as we go along and to not be seen as just constantly releasing albums which are completely similar in style or concept to each other. certainly we have developed what I think is regarded as a unique Stormzone sound, and that is hugely important for us to be noted as having such, but also we like to experiment a little with our approach to song-writing from one album to the next without abandoning that Stormzone sound or varying too far from classic heavy metal and with ‘Lucifer’s Factory’ in particular I think we have reached a stage where we have really found our niche in the heavy metal genre, and we’re very very happy about that. The reviews for ‘Lucifer’s Factory’ are telling us that as well, they have been brilliant so far and that definitely improves the mood in the camp also! As well as that we have gathered together the best team who, behind the scenes, are guiding our path towards what’s happening next and that means we’ll be touring more than ever before and the prospect of doing much more live appearances has us excited too. Like most bands now our albums are available on Amazon, Ebay, Discogs and quite a few other mail order websites. The very best way however would be if we get to play in Argentina, because then we would have our albums available at the shows along with t-shirts and other great merchandise.

Let’s talk now about the latest Stormzone album ‘Lucifer’s Factory’ which was released this year. Where was this recorded and how was the recording process for you all?

With our previous album, ‘Seven Sins’, I think that we really discovered that our method of songwriting was working and we were determined to see if we could maintain that process even with some changes in the line-up. ‘Seven Sins’ was taking us definitely in a direction that we wanted to develop and expand. There were still lots of similarities to previous Stormzone albums but it hinted at what was to come at times, certainly from a drumming point of view and how songs can be written by the same band but sound completely different with a little experimentation. In the past we have written songs that have had just plain straight drumming all the way through and others that featured double bass pedals from start to finish. With ‘Lucifer’s Factory’ we wanted to blend both styles together into most of the songs so that they had straightforward sections to keep your attention, but then crazier sections to make listener’s ears jump to attention. With vocal melodies I try to bring out the other side of myself as a painter when creating what I’ll sing. When I am creating artwork I’m very aware of what makes a painting good on the eyes, a variety of colours and drawing people’s attention to focal points within the frame, and I guess that’s why the melodies on ‘Lucifer’s Factory’ in particular are all based on interesting verses leading towards a huge chorus. All the guys in Stormzone are avid concert-goers and between our experience as musicians and knowledge of what gets an audience excited we always strive to create songs that make people feel the way we feel when we’re hearing great songs. It can’t always work with every song but that’s not for lack of effort, and none of it is contrived in any way, our influences always shine through but with now having 6 albums out we’re very much aware that we have found the formula we enjoy for making Stormzone songs and for them to sound like Stormzone songs with a hint of influences rather than the other way around. The process is always the same though, each individual member develops a great musical idea on his own, it’s brought to the other musicians in the band who form a circle and develop the idea into what generally becomes the music part of the song, intro, verse, bridge, chorus, middle section, ending and once that has been established then that’s put together by Steve Moore in his studio and sent to me. I generally won’t have heard any of the musical ideas until I receive them from Steve, and I then get down to writing the vocal melodies and lyrics. That is usually a fairly fast process, with most vocal additions to the song being laid down in my own studio the day after receiving the music. Steve then gets that all returned to him to mix it into a good demo and that’s a song for a new album’s filing cabinet. We’ll repeat that process over and over until we have 14 or 15 songs to choose 12 or so from for a finished album choice and that’s when we’ll re-record everything in earnest having worked out what’s great about a song, changing what’s not and doing any necessary editing. Some of our previous albums have been dominated by fairly long songs and a feature of more recent Stormzone releases has been a real attention to editing, getting to verses and choruses quicker without the necessity for over-long intros, shorter solo sections etc. Everyone is told not to be affected by reviews, they are subjective and generally the views of one person, but we do actually listen to constructive criticism and actually value it, and I think that’s why our reviews have gradually become better and better because hopefully those reviewers who follow Stormzone closely can see that they have been a part of our development.

Stormzone - Lucifer's Factory

Tell me about the writing process for ‘Lucifer’s Factory’ and the other Stormzone albums. How is the music developed and who writes the lyrics for the songs

Well the main thing is we really never stop writing, it’s never a case of having time away from writing songs and then saying right, it’s time to create what’s necessary for a new album. So the songs on ‘Lucifer’s Factory’ would have been the continuation of writing immediately after we finished recording ‘Seven Sins’ and really there is never any real plan to change direction or become more progressive. So technically from the moment ‘Lucifer’s Factory’ was recorded and now released we’ve begun working on what will be the next Stormzone album!  The songs on ‘Lucifer’s Factory’ just managed to capture a song-writing period that happened to produce a consistency that maybe sounded like we had deliberately tried to have an album with a slightly different direction than those before it, but that honestly wasn’t the case. The song writing process is always the same, it starts with an individual member of the band having an initial musical idea and that idea is brought to the rest of us in bassist Graham’s studio. The guys then sit down and work on the music, developing a riff further into a structure that becomes intro, verse, chorus. Then the following night they’ll go to guitarist Steve’s Firemachine Studio (where all our albums are finally recorded and produced) and they’ll record what has been worked on at the previous night’s writing session with the end product being a finished track without vocals. Steve will email me the song that night and next day in my own studio I’ll write and record the vocals, add backing vocals and email the song to the guys afterwards, usually same day. That part of our writing and recording process usually takes around 3 days to complete. The next thing is obviously to live with the song for a while and suggest changes, maybe to verse lengths, maybe a bridge needs added or something. That all gets noted (generally these days via Facebook messenger) and the following night the whole process starts all over again. It might be that we have shows that we have to rehearse for, and writing will stop for a week or two as we concentrate on a set for concerts, but no matter how long the gap is between writing sessions the next song starts off being created in exactly the same way as the previous one and a consistency is hopefully maintained. There may have been a slightly longer gap than usual between the writing of ‘Seven Sins’ and ‘Lucifer’s Factory’ as we had the personnel change with David Bates leaving the drum stool and Jonathan Millar’s arrival, and that may have contributed to a slightly different overall feel to many of the songs on ‘Lucifer’s Factory’, but our objective is always to try to maintain a unique Stormzone sound even if there are a few twists and turns in direction. It would probably be too predictable for us to just create a ‘Lucifer’s Factory’ Part II right away, it will happen at some point but whether or not the next album is going to be a continuation of us studying our Northern Ireland mythology and folklore, which all the songs on the new album are based on, we’ll just have to wait and see!

What message are you trying to deliver with the lyrics and in general what are the songs on ‘Lucifer’s Factory’ mainly about?

The topics and lyrics actually came about as a combination of thinking about themes for the songs that would make their way onto the ‘Lucifer’s factory cd and also contemplating how the cover artwork would develop. It actually transpired that one would help the other and I was able to dip into work that I had done a few years ago as inspiration for both. I have always been interested in the myths and legends of Northern Ireland, not really the established ones but the hidden folklore which is really only talked about in regions and not tremendously famous. A Spanish author was writing a book on the subject as part of a ‘guide for Spanish tourists’ who she wanted to ensure would go off the beaten tracks in an effort to find hidden gems. So her research and the things that she discovered really intrigued me and it astonished me that we here in Northern Ireland have so many superb tales to tell of things that, to many, would seem very surprising and enlightening. You will find these tales on the new Stormzone album, amongst them being the legend of ‘Albhartach’, a vampire who lived in the North West of Northern Ireland and terrorised villages during his lifetime. This was well before Dracula became the famous face of vampirism and Bram Stoker, author of Dracula, has gone on record as having been originally influenced by the story of Albhartach. ‘Hallows Eve’ is the origin of Halloween, right here in Northern Ireland where in medieval times people would scatter ashes on the slate floor of their living room in front of the fire place. While the families were sleeping Jack O’Lantern would visit, and in the morning if the footprints he left in the ashes pointed towards the door then all was going to be well for this family, but if they pointed towards the fire, they were going to experience death in a short time! That’s the origin of Halloween right there, not some trick or treat party that was hijacked by the USA!! Other tales on the album include ‘Cushy Glen’, the tale of the highwayman who ambushed men on their way home from the pub and attacking the drunk men he would cut their throats, rob them and bury them in an opened grave in the local graveyard. next day when the funeral of the grave owner was taking place he would be amongst the mourners watch as the coffin was laid down on top of the soil covered body of his previous night’s victim! So I was able to gain lots of inspiration for the songs on the new album and that was helped by the fact that I had, by then, great experience of the tales because I had read them and done the artwork which accompanied each story in the Spanish book! It was natural then that the album cover would develop from the same source, and although the album is called ‘Lucifer’s Factory’ the painting is inspired by a ‘gateway to Hell’ described in the song ‘The Heaven You Despise’ in which Lucifer is exiled from Heaven and seeks sanctuary on earth by creating an entrance to his new domain, and it really exists as a place called Dundermot Mound just outside the city of Ballymena in Northern Ireland. Considering Northern Ireland is a small country with just a total population of 1.6 (yes just one point six) million and we are surrounded by such an intense wealth of myth, mystery and legend it really is a place to be fully inspired and influenced, plus we have Guiness and Bushmills Whisky, and we know they’re legendary and REALLY exist!!

Exactly why was the decision made to call the new album ‘Lucifer’s Factory’?

The album could really have been called by any of the song titles  but we decided on ‘Lucifer’s Factory’ because the legend behind that song is based in Belfast, our home city, and we all felt closely associated with that particular story. ‘Lucifer’s Factory’, the song, is based on one of the more recent Northern Ireland legends and is about a building which actually existed in the late nineteenth century here in Belfast which was used for making matches to light cigarettes! If you google ‘Lucifer’s Match Factory’ you’ll find it. It’s existence isn’t what surrounds the myth, but it burned down in the early 20th Century with a foreman and several teenage workers and for years after this tragedy locals would hear painful screams coming from the derelict building which only stopped around 50 years ago when the building was blessed by a clergyman and then demolished!


The beginning of ‘Lucifer’s Factory’ was all down to our guitarist and producer Steve Moore who recorded his daughters screaming at the top of their voices. He then created some industrial ‘factory machinery’ noises and combined his daughter’s screams with the turning of the steel cogs and grinding machines to reflect the horror that would have been experienced with the poor children and their supervisor when they discovered that Lucifer’s Factory was on fire and that they were trapped inside with no chance of escape. The screams were very significant because the horrific story of ‘Lucifer’s Factory’ did not end with the tragedy that led to the factory burning down. With the factory making matches in the late 19th century there was obviously a lot of dry wood and sulpher in the building, and because of the period during which the manufacturing took place there were obviously very few rules and regulations with regards to health and safety, very young children were employed and older factory workers would have been smoking while working. On one fateful night some young children were working after usual working hours and one of the supervisers carelessly discarded a cigarette, throwing it onto some dry wood which quickly caught fire and once this fire had spread to the sulpher barrels the who factory became a living hell. Some escaped the flames but several young boys and girls were trapped along with the factory owner’s daughter and a superviser. They all died in the what had quickly become a furnace and their terrible screams were heard by the helpless people outside. The same screams were heard for years by people who lived close to the building long after it had been condemned and closed off. The local people even posted guards at night to see if the screams were the result of young pranksters getting into the disused building and screaming to trick the locals, but the screams persisted and the guards would often run off frightened because they heard the horrific noises and knew that no one had gone past them! Eventually the residents demanded that the building be torn down, it was blessed by a church clergyman and then demolished and that was the only way the screams could be stopped! So it was important to reflect their distress at the beginning of the song to set the tone for ‘Lucifer’s Factory’ and Steve’s daughter’s did a really great job of making those frightening calls for help!

The cover artwork for Stormzone albums is always great. How do the concepts for the paintings transpire and who is the artist responsible for creating the graphics.

Our album artwork are all paintings by an artist that we know very well. We actually found the artist responsible for our album covers in an institute for the insane crouched in the corner of a padded cell mumbling something about how Stormzone had destroyed his mind and ruined his life!! Well, ok, the ruining of his life might be a lie but driving him insane is absolutely true, and I should know because I am that artist and also the singer in Stormzone, lol! All the songs on ‘Lucifer’s factory’ are individually based on a myth or legend unique to Northern Ireland. There are already a lot of well-known Irish characters who have gone down in legend and folklore, the Banshee, Leprechauns and Giants etc, but with this new album I wanted to discover and tell the world about less well known Northern Ireland legends which, when uncovered, are absolutely amazing, and right on our own doorstep! The song ‘Dark Hedges’ isn’t about the place made famous by Game of Thrones, it’s real legendary status existed long before the television series invaded our shores. Lucifer’s Factory, a real building which existed in Belfast and made matches, it burned down and several young children working there were killed in the blaze and until the building was recently demolished people in the neighbouring houses were terrified over the years by the sound of screaming children coming from behind it’s shuttered doors and windows. Cushy Glen was a renowned highwayman who specialised in waiting for drunken men to leave the pub and he would ambush them, cut their throats, rob them and then bury them in the local graveyard. There are many more on the album, and each one could have inspired me to create album artwork, but I was particularly intrigued by the legend of Dundermot Mound, a landmark just outside Ballymena in Northern Ireland which was reputedly a ‘Gateway to Hell’ and the area in which Lucifer fell to when he was exiled from Heaven. The song on the album ‘The Heaven you despise’ describes all this in greater detail, and for me I just had to imagine what the ‘gateway’ would look like when it opens, a raging furnace encased within a vertical tunnel, an almost mechanical ancient method of the gateway opening and closing and revealing the worst thing imaginable, that falling to your death in the fire below would be the quickest option, but on your way down you are going to suffer pain and agony by being whipped by chains and sliced by circular daggers, perhaps for eternity! I incorporated letters from the Stormzone logo into the artwork and maybe bands would like to distance themselves from such torturous imagery, but I like to think of it more as a salvation, and if a poor soul can combine the letters in the correct way the portal will close and they’ll be saved!


I see that you are about to embark on a tour of Spain. Are there any other European countries in which Stormzone will be performing in the near future?

The concerts in Spain are going to be fantastic and apart from the inclusion of Jess Cox and Silver being part of the shows it is also a real pleasure for us doing shows in Spain with a very well loved Spanish drummer and Joaquin ‘El Nino’ Arellano Valderas will be particularly on fire because we are playing in his native country. We are also working on more surprises so we haven’t finished with our efforts to make this an amazing and unique tour. One thing I can absolutely guarantee is that the fans attending the concerts will get a lot for their money because each show will feature a Stormzone set of at least two hours with songs from right across our 6 albums as well as the Tygers of Pan Tang songs and some great covers at the end of each show which is where we will hopefully bring several more surprises. We are truly looking forward to a fantastic tour and our mission is to impress people enough so that our first headline tour of Spain is not our last and that heavy metal fans will want to see us again in bigger venues. The rest of the year after that is becoming even more productive and after touring Spain in we have been confirmed for the Icerock Festival in Switzerland in January and FullMetal festival in germany next March. The increase in live action coincides with our involvement with Eddy ‘Rocks’ Freiberger, he is responsible for everything we are now doing with regards to tours and festivals and I know we will be doing much more on the road in 2019 for sure.

I think it’s fair to say that as you have been together since 2006 Stormzone is regarded as a very experienced band in Northern Ireland. How do the bands in your home country co-exist with each other and what is the rock scene like there?

The problem with my personal opinion on the rock and metal scene in Belfast is that I’ve lived in Madrid in Spain for the last six years and there is still a passion and interest in metal there that has never diminished. There are so many rock clubs and bars that they really have to compete with each other to attract the Spanish rock fans and the amount of fantastic shows by massive bands there each year is incredible. Therefore returning frequently to Northern Ireland I tend to miss the metal lifestyle of Madrid because there really isn’t the same degree of enthusiasm here for our type of music. I mean it is a small country so population has to be taken into consideration, and there are some really good venues such as the Diamond Rock Club and The Limelight, but it’s a sad fact that whilst these places are really well attended when an international band makes an appearance, local bands tend to struggle to attract people to their shows. Our best chances, and we’re fortunate enough to have had many of them through the years, is to get a support slot when one of the bigger acts come to Belfast. That’s a much easier way for us to get to play our music to people who may not have heard of us before and lately having played in the last few months with Y&T, Diamond Head, Inglorious and Anvil on different occasions we have built up a really good local following and many of the albums sold by Metal Nation online seem to be directed towards our own country, and that is a very promising fact.  There have been some great bands from Ireland with Thin Lizzy probably being the most recognizable rock band, but I think most metal bands which were being formed in the 80’s were looking more across the Irish sea to what was happening in the UK mainland during the period known as the NWOBHM (New Wave Of British Heavy Metal). It was fantastic to experience the emergence of bands such as Saxon, Iron Maiden and Diamond Head etc, the original power and atmosphere of that era was hard to ignore when putting a band together, especially when it was combined with what was coming out of the USA with the likes of Queensryche etc. To be honest I think being from Northern Ireland had more of an influence in becoming a fan of heavy metal rather than a direct influence on bands. We had some terrible times here during the period between 1969 and 1997 which was known as ‘The Troubles’. It was perceived by the media etc that it was all about one religion trying to defeat the other, but most of the conflict was being orchestrated by politicians and terrorists and ordinary people living here were caught in the crossfire. So discovering heavy metal as a young teen allowed people to have an escape from these troubles and when heavy metal bands came to play in Belfast, our capital city, everyone had one religion and one religion only, and that was heavy metal.


What can audiences expect from the Stormzone live experience and how has the reaction been to the band’s development as a live force?

Unbelievable!! Once we actually get people to our shows we are always guaranteed that by the end of a Stormzone show everyone will go home happy, and that’s because we are a genuinely happy bunch of guys with only one thing on our minds and that is to give everyone the best that we have got and also to the best of our abilities. Our recent tour of Spain saw us performing to different sizes of audiences but to us it doesn’t matter if thetere are 20 people watching us or 20,000, our delivery is always the same and when a show is over we just know that there is nothing more to give!! We have had little tastes of what it’s like to reach degrees of success in our genre because we’ve been fortunate enough to have played some massive festivals and toured as support to some famous bands, and we then obviously would love to get to a level whereby we could get recognised positively for having done those things and, as you say, for so far releasing six very well received albums. There is still a chance that we could make a big impact given a good break, and we’re well equipped to embrace a higher level of success because we do have a great live record and almost 100 songs to choose from our back catalogue, we’ll be ready for action if that opportunity comes our way but also level headed enough to keep on grinding things out if we don’t. That level-headedness comes with the experience of being together as a band for so long. Stormzone has been here since 2006 and it quickly became obvious after the first few years that success wasn’t guaranteed no matter what quality of releases you put out or level of live performances, so a realism comes into effect, a grounding of us all which makes getting great opportunities being given a lot of gratitude, but at the same time when things don’t seem to be progressing just as much as we like or hope then we don’t get too down about it and instead we become more determined to get better and make Stormzone more tempting for promoters and agents to take a chance on, and for us, the dream very much lives on!!

What always grabs the attention of the public is the name that a band chooses to call itself. It’s always great to hear the reason or story behind that choice! Why did you choose the name Stormzone and what was the background to this decision?

I think a band grows into it’s name and there is probably too much of an emphasis now put the necessity to call your band something cool and current rather than properly re[resenting the music that you play. With Stormzone I don’t think anyone is under any different illusion as to what they can expect when we play live or release a new CD. I think that it’s a great name but I cannot claim to have discovered it, nor did anyone in the band. Our debut album, ‘Caught In The Act’ was actually supposed to be my own solo album. All the songs on the first album were recorded by session musicians because Stormzone didn’t exist during the writing and recording of the songs. I had saved up some money on my own and I believed that at that time, 2006, that melodic rock and metal was being pushed down to an all time low and I wanted to do something small to try to keep the flag flaying for the genre of music that I adored. At the time I was playing in a Whitesnake tribute band and a local promoter asked me if I could support Danger Danger. I told him that of course I would do it, but not with the Whitesnake tribute and I set about putting a band together to play a set of original songs that I had written over the years. The Danger Danger show was fantastic, we just went on under the name of HARV, and I was then encouraged to record the songs, which I did a few months later when I had enough money to self-finance the recordings. My idea was to follow in the footsteps of Jorn Lande, who I am a big fan of, and, like him, just call the albums HARV. After several weeks I had an album of great songs fantastically produced by Irish producer Mudd Wallace. I sent some of the preview copies of the album to various people and Khalil Turk, the head of UK melodic rock label Escape Music, got to hear it and he immediately contacted me offering me a deal to release the album world-wide. His only stipulation was that I change my mind about releasing it as a solo album because he coulod promote a band better than a solo artist. He then suggested the name Stormzone, I didn’t dislike it, we went for that and I then had an album, a singer, a band name, and no band, hahaha! Maybe this is the first case of this happening to a musician? But The guys in the Whitesnake tribute came on board, we shelved the tribute because we knew we needed to devote all our energies to Stormzone and here we are with 6 albums released by Stormzone and I still haven’t had the opportunity to release a solo album, hahaha!!

I always love to see photos on a band’s social media or website of people around the world holding their new album. How has the world reacted to the release of ‘Lucifer’s Factory’?

We’re really pleased and very proud of the reaction all over Europe and beyond to what we have achieved  with the release of ‘Lucifer’s Factory’ . The reviews so far have been great and it’s fantastic to see and hear people’s reactions to what we set out to achieve with our sixth album. We always take heed of reviews and develop our songs around the majority of comments which prove to be the most constructive. With past releases we have maybe been guilty of believing that we know best, and as a result we have left ourselves open to a degree of criticism, maybe about the length of songs or  having too many of them on an album. As a result of this constructive criticism we’ve developed our approach to song writing and editing and certainly with our last two albums I think we have hit on what we would now definitely consider to be the definitive Stormzone formula for creating songs. That’s hopefully reflected in the reactions to ‘Lucifer’s Factory’ as all the reviews have been exceptionally positive and that gives us real confidence in ourselves and that feeling that we’re doing something right. We’ll always write songs that we believe in and that come from our hearts first and foremost and it’s a wonderful feeling knowing that after six albums the reviews are telling us that at last we’ve got it right!


Have you actually ever thought about embarking on a world tour. And if so which countries or continents would you particularly look forward to performing live in the most?

Our sole ambition in life is to try to play to as many people all over the world as we can. A world tour would definitely be something that would give us our best opportunity to fulfil that ambition but we are also realistic enough to know how difficult that would be to achieve. There needs to be a demand everywhere for Stormzone but the great thing is that we don’t mind at all playing in places around the world where we may, at first, only attract small numbers to our shows because we are really confident that once people get a glimpse of what we do then they will ask us back again and then that would hopefully lead to more people becoming aware of Stormzone and the demand will increase. As for which countries I think would be the best ones for us to perform in, definitely all countries in South and central America, USA, canada, Japan, Russia and Europe. We would also love to go to places not usually visited by heavy metalk bands such as China, Africa and India. The whole world is opening their doors to modern life and heavy metal music has not yet seen the full potential of it’s ability to be heard in all parts of our earth. And when we’ve finished introducing Stormzone to all the people on this earth we’ll set our sights on the South Pole and begin introducing heavy metal to the penguins there, hahaha!!

What future plans do you have for the band and indeed for yourself personally?

Our ultimate goal is to keep Stormzone producing new songs and great performances for as long as we can and to keep the band together and our heads down and moving forward towards any obstacles that get in our way. We’ve managed to keep Stormzone alive and well over the last 12 years because the band has always had a strong foundation and although some different members have come and gone over the years the basic line-up of myself, Graham McNulty (bass) and Steve Moore (guitar) have been there from the beginning. It’s difficult maybe to keep a consistent line-up when some of the band have to have day jobs and cannot always commit to touring and long recording sessions, but when anyone feels that they cannot give Stormzone everything it deserves then we talk about it and we always come to a mutual decision best for everyone and remain friends with a departing member. That way if the occasion arise in the future that we need their services again then they will always be happy to help out. Davy Bates was our drummer for over 9 years and although he departed two years ago he has helped us out with shows lately until we were able to secure the services of El Nino. Davy and I have known each other for over 30 years and we actually began playing together back in the days of the NWOBHM when he was in Sweet Savage. Davy was, and still is, a brilliant rock drummer but our progression style-wise wasn’t to his liking, he’s more of a straightforward metal drummer not inclined to enjoy double bass drum patterns, no one hits the drums harder than Davy and he is ideal for NWOBHM style metal, but the song-writing for ‘Lucifer’s Factory’ took him to areas where he felt less comfortable and he also despaired a little at the type of music he was having to listen to at festivals, he saw Death Metal and Grindcore bands being worshipped and he just didn’t understand why people were into that sort of deviation from the music he originally got involved with when the heaviest band on the planet were Motorhead. So his departure was sad but mutual. So then the challenge commenced again to find someone who could fulfil the void left by Davy and Joaquin ‘El Nino’ was introduced to us through my Spanish wife Beatriz who knew him from her times in Spain in the heavy metal circuit there. We are so glad that Bea did this because El Nino has adapted to our style fantastically well and it seems at this stage that we have found the right guy to take us through our next phase of Stormzone and importantly to make it look as if he has been in the band for years and people seeing us in up-coming tours will witness a band as solid as we have always been!


And a goodbye message?

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you Alejandro for giving us the opportunity to give you an insight into everything that has been happening in the world of Stormzone lately and all the visitors to your excellent website for taking the time to read this interview. Most of what I have written about revolves around the band, but believe me there would be nothing to write if it wasn’t for the fans of rock and metal around the world who unite to form a huge family that bands and fans alike should all be proud to be a part of. We want to tour so that we can prove ourselves capable on stages everywhere where people would like to see us, but at the same time a lot of our desire is to meet the people personally around Europe and beyond who we speak to regularly by means of social media, they are the people without whom it wouldn’t make sense to persevere in this business and they are the people who support us in incredible ways, buying our albums and t shirts as well as demanding promoters to give us a break. It all adds up to being hugely important to us, without it we cannot function and we will endeavour to write and play metal for as long as there are great people out there asking us to do so. Thank you Alejandro, thank you Argentina, we hope to see you all soon!


Alejandro Allo 01/09/18