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How did the idea of forming Darkest Horizon come about?
Hey, thank you for having us. This is quite difficult. We know that Olli and a friend of his started to make music together in 2009. This is the earliest point in time that I have information on. Later, the Band started to form itself into “Darkest Horizon” as we know it today.

Who are its current members?
Enis is our Vocalist. Jonas plays the Bass and supports Enis with his voice. Chris does all the Orchestrations, songwriting and plays the Keyboard and Daniel plays the guitar.

What record material have you released so far?
We have done two EP´s, our first one was “Shattered Skies”, the second was “Scattered Worlds”.
After these we have released two LP´s, “The Grand Continuum” and “Aenigmata”. But since 2018 we are releasing Singles.

Each name of a band has a reason for its existence. What is the meaning of the band for you?
As a matter of fact, I don’t think there is actually a reason for why we have this name. In my opinion, it does mirror the feelings of our music quite well, though. If you imagine standing on a hill and watching the horizon at night. This feeling is our music. So wide and beautifully dark.

After their last studio album they have dedicated themselves to releasing only singles. What is this about?
We made this decision because, in our opinion, every song is important in itself and needs its attention. We have many stories to tell, which are told better in single´s rather than in big LP work.
It´s important for us realize a completed storyline over many months compared to an LP just with single tracks and too many and different story´s.

Something that differentiates them from other bands within the style is the use of keyboards with very particular melodies. Was that the original idea of the band, or did it happen as they composed?
It is the way Chris write the songs. In the beginning of “Darkest Horizon” Chris joined as one of the first members after Olli started the band. It quickly became clear that Chris writes amazing songs, hence he is our songwriter for – nearly – all our songs, till today. To come back to your question: it is Chris´ way of imagination and sound creation. And because the orchestra is the backbone of
each song, it deserves to be heard as much as possible

For those who do not know the band. How would you define your musical style?
Oh yes, we do make “Epic-Melodic Death Metal” as you will. It is best described as a Tolkien adventure with WAY too many orcs. But feel free to check us out and make your own statement ;)and don’t forget to tell us what you think.

How does the band develop when composing the songs, always talking about the instrumental part?
The development over the last years is huge. From song to song, each of us learns a new, different way as to how to bring in his instrument. We get the song from Chris without any instruments, beside his orchestral arrangement. We listen to the song, and everybody tries to find out how his style, his instrument can be integrated into this arrangement. Our main thoughts are “What would I like to hear in this song, how can I include my feelings to this music with my instrument”. After that we come together and check our ideas and improve and adapt. Afterwards, we go home and press record.

Who is in charge of writing the lyrics?
Chris, Jonas and Enis. Jonas and Chris usually write all the lyrics and then they discuss and workout with Enis how to improve them and make them fit into the song

What do your lyrics talk about and what message do you want to give with them?
It depends on record to record. All records from Shattered Skies to The Grand Continuum are a kind of Sci-Fi. They describe different feelings and mind games. Aenigmata is a collection of riddles and inexplicable things around our world. And the Songs after Aenigmata are short-stories on their own.

What is a Darkest Horizon show like?
It’s about a show, not just a concert. Massive sounds and lights and you will hear the songs how they are. We don´t take shortcuts we deliver straight in your face!

This terrible pandemic caused disasters in general, whether in health, economy and all the problems that, in this case, the covid entails. Where do you think it affected you as a band?
It affected us a lot. No concerts at all. We changed our recording process drastically. We do as much as we can at our home studios. On one hand that really sucks! But on the other hand, this situation helped us to do a completely new start. Assess all our working routines, improve them, and emerge stronger than ever

I know that in Europe some countries are already doing small festivals. What is the case of Germany?
We heard about that xD but there are just a hand full of concerts, with strict and hard rules and at this moment we don´t think that this kind of festival or concert pleases neither us, nor the fans

Germany has always been a benchmark for good Metal worldwide. What bands do you recommend listening to, other than those already established, for labeling them in some way?
Difficult. In Germany you can talk to 10 metalheads and 8 of them are in a band. But to name some Bands. Check out “The Tex Avery Syndrome”, “Sapiency”, “Lilith’s Breed” or “Streams of Blood”.

A few days ago, to be more exact, on June 25 they have released a new single. Do you plan to release a new album, or will you only release singles?
At the moment we are still in the “single mode”, but you never know 😉

Just out of curiosity. Have you done any tour outside of Europe, if this is affirmative, how has that experience been?
We do have some experiences outside of Europe, but not a Tour. We played a Co- Headliner show in Sri Lanka. We Toured with Wintersun in Finland, but Finland is Europe too, just not the mainland.

Future plans of the band
We will keep on releasing Singles, and there are damn good ones coming 😉 We are working on more Photoshoots and Video material. But still, we would love to start playing live again. Maybe a tour over South America, that would be amazing.

Farewell message.
Thank you for your time and your interest in “Darkest Horizon”. Check out our stuff and tell your friends. Never quit supporting Metal.
Alejandro Allo 06/29/21


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