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How was the band born?

Path of Destiny emerged from the remnants of a fun-project called “Spalter” in February 2007 with the intention to provide a more serious approach to the music the founding members had in mind.

Who are its current members?

The band currently consists of the following members:

Sebastian Schaffert – Lead vocals

Christian Reinhard – Guitars, Backing Vocals

Alexander Helfer – Guitars, Backing Vocals

Christoph Silge – Bass, Orchestral Arrangements

And one of our live-Drummers.

What record material does the band have?

The band´s discography consists of:

Rise & Fall, the debut album from 2010

Parasite God, an EP we released in early 2012

Dreams in Splendid Black, the 2nd full album from 2016

And our newst addition “The Seed of all Evil”, our 3rd album to be released in June 2021

How would you describe your musical style?

In general we call it Melodic Death Metal. Of course, even this subgenre has a lot of nuances between all the different bands. For example we use to implement characteristics of other genres like Thrash Metal, Black Metal, Doom Metal, Power Metal or some slight symphonic elements into our music.

I am very struck by the time lapse between each album. Is this for any special reason?

No not really, to be honest. We are just very slow songwriters and overly careful when it comes to recording /studio-stuff in general. So we always take some time to let our riffs and stuff come together.

How is Path Of Destiny when composing the songs?

It´s usually something like this: One of the guitarists (Chris and Alex) are coming up with a relatively well structured idea of a new song or, let me say a new progression of riffs, that seem to fit together. In terms of Chris this also means that he already has a drumtrack ready, almost a full song. Together as a band we than give this new idea a treatment with something like new transitions, a new riff order or first ideas of keys in the background. Sometimes even the basic notes in the background are changed to give the song another feel.

So almost every PoD-Song is a patchwork of all of us with a single bandmember providing the basic idea of it.

What do your lyrics talk about and what is the message you want to leave with them?

We have a relatively open and wide field of lyrical topics to write and sing about. For example:

Fantasy and Sci-Fi-stuff, Satanism, Witchcraft but also personal topics (our upcoming songs “The Division of a Spiral Synergy” and “Wave Goodbye to Sanity” are 2 examples for lyrics like this) or dealing with the dark depths of our human nature. So we are always open for different paths in terms of this.

Something that always seems very interesting to me is the meaning behind the name of a band. What would yours be?

Well one of our good friends, Peggy, came up with this idea back then in 2007/2008 after the foundation of the band. The band-members liked it a lot as it provides a foundation for the mystic approach Path of Destiny wanted to establish back then. So over the past years the name became our little trademark and we never had the urge to change it. If is right we are still the only band worldwide with this name.

Leaving aside this damn pandemic, it affects us all on the planet, both in health, economy and other issues. What were they doing at the concert level?

Well surprise, surprise we even had 2 gigs this last year. Well ok to be fair, the first one took place in January right before the pandemic reached Germany. The other one surprisingly took place in the middle of October 2020 in Weimar. We are really grateful that the folks of PartySan OpenAir managed to let this happen. This also was our first concert with a lot more of the new and coming songs from “The Seed of All Evil”.

What does the public find in a Path Of Destiny show?

Well a lot of headbanging and action on stage! We are a quite agile live band and this is what a lot of fans like about us. We just want the people out there to have an enjoyable evening with loads and loads of awesome Metal.

They are just a few days away from releasing their new record material. What is the title that it will bear and what will the listener come across?

Our upcoming album “The Seed of all Evil” will be released on June 11th, 2021 and contains 10 fresh tracks to penetrate your ears, hehe. We also have a bonus track on the digital version of the record. For the first time ever we also have vinyls to offer which come in 3 different colors (black, green marbled and glow in the dark). Besides that we offer usual CD-Digipacks and also 1 T-Shirt-Design. But be sure that more merch will follow. (we are looking at you, zippers!

Since all this world chaos began, at least here in Argentina it is very difficult for bands to go to a recording studio to finish their records. In what situation is Germany and how has the recording process been for you?

Well to be honest, this affected us not at all. This is due to 2 things:

We managed to do all the recording stuff at home. Guitars and Bass were tracked at the dining room of our guitarist Christian. Vocals were done by our singer Sebastian at home and well the drums are mostly programmed. So the process was rather easy to do and we think the result speaks for itself! But of course for mixing and mastering we went on to get some professional help from our long-term sound-engineer Jaro Sound from Prague.

I would love for you to give me a preview of this new album. Who was in charge of the compositions and the lyrics?

We´d love to! As said above the main compositions were done by the two guitarist, Christian and Alex. Most of the songs from “The Seed of all Evil” were created by Chris. The lyrics for alle songs were written by our singer Sebastian and me (Alex). All keys and arrangements were done by our bassman Christoph. So we like to have main-songwriters but the final songs are all done and finished together as a whole band.

What theme do the lyrics cover and why did you decide to talk about it?

On this album we don´t have some sort of lyrical concept underneath like for some songs of our last album “Dreams in Splendid Black”. So the songs are all more or less “free” in their way of expressing their story. But I can give you some ideas what the songs are about:

“The Division of a Spiral Synergy” and “Wave Goodbye to Sanity” are somehow the most personal lyrics we wrote since the very first album “Rise & Fall”. That´s a direction I would love to head to more from time to time. We also have – for the first time ever – some kind of Sci-Fi stuff happening in “As Stars Collide”. You might find this interesting but the film “Prometheus” sparked some ideas for this song. Besides of that we are residing in our usual spheres between demons, Lucifer himself and the dark deeps of the human soul.

If I’m not mistaken, the album will be released by Apostasy Records. What is the positive and the negative that working with a record company brings you?

Yes, you´re absolutely right. We are working together with Apostasy Records for the second time to release an album. First of all it brings a lot of reach for us to promote the album. You are getting much more professional attention from magazines or festivals and so on. Also we are getting a ton of help with getting our CDs and vinyls to our fans e.g. with being found at Media Markt or big warehouses / dealers like that. So it´s much easier to get the attention of the folks out there.

Mmh negatives… there aren´t really all that much to be honest.

Returning to the topic of the pandemic. How do you see the world scene within Metal, mainly with what this pandemic caused in the economic part to bands in general?

Mmh hard to answer, I must say. Of course – and I think this is something everybody already knows and guesses – but this pandemic caused a lot of damage in the club / concert and festival scene around the world. Not every promoter hast the financial means to survive something like this. But we are really happy that there are still a lot of folks keeping the flow going. So thanks a lot to everybody out there still supporting promoters, bands and so on!

Also the bands have some more work to do to get their new albums out there to the listeners. There aren´t any concerts to promote your latest work. So we heard about some bands which decided to postpone their releases to 2022 or so to have a higher chance to getting the listeners attention.

What expectations do you have with your new album, and listening to it days before its departure, would you have liked to change something?

Well we are first of all very very happy to finally getting our hands on this new baby, to be honest. It took a very long way and lots of effort to get this far. As we can already see from the first fan-reactions we did everything right in taking so much time to create it. There is simply just one word to sum up their reactions: Awesome!

For example all the comments from Youtube are positive, everybody who already had the chance to listen to some songs leaves some kind words via Whats App or so. Really cool and pleasing.

Well no, we really had a lot of time to overthink every song and bit of the album. So everything is fine as it is and we are really satisfied with all of it.

Future plans of the band

Currently we are really satisfied with the direction the band is heading to. But of course we hope to play loads of concerts again, when the pandemic is slowly going away in the next months or years. In general it would be cool to achieve some kind of semi-serious awareness level from where we are booked for shows and – let me say – every metalhead (at least in Germany) should have heard our band´s name.

Farewell message

Thanks a lot for this opportunity to getting our word heard around the globe, Alejandro!

Cheers to everybody out there for supporting us in these difficult times.

Stay safe and healthy, let your hair fly with the help of some Melo Death- enthusiasts from Germany, called “Path of Destiny”!

Alejandro Allo 05/19/21


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