Lobo Heimdall vocalist of

42486145_538235519936899_277665942014525440_nHi Lobo. Let’s talk about your beginnings in music. What was heard in your home and what drove you to your decision to opt for vocalization?

Hello, in my home We could hear what we could call, aspen music (Radio) and also hard Rock, I remember that my Father bought that cassette from Europe, from the popular Final Countdown album, that was the first thing I started listening to and seventy Rock, my parents hear that music.

And with respect to my impulse to be a singer, the credit falls on my cousin, when in 2002/2003 we started to form our first band, we were both fans of Guns And Roses and we dreamed of being musicians like them, although already in that At the time we were very involved with everything that was the Power Metal of the new millennium and not so much with the Hard Rock.

How come you enter this wonderful world called Heavy Metal?

As I said before, I had already been listening to Europe, Guns and Roses and Rata Blanca despite living in a low town, La Cabaña in Pablo Nogues, where the cumbia music, predominates in that place.

When I started high school, I had a partner who recorded a cassette for Sepultura, Motohead, Horcas and Pantera, that except for Horcas, the rest I never finish liking, I could say that it was there that I settled down as a Metalhead.

What are your biggest musical influences, both among the bands and among the vocalists?

My primary influences have been Guns and Roses, Ciderella, Stryper and more as a teenager, Malmsteen, Maiden and Helloween, in the national Heavy Metal Music, Hermetica and Malon as Jeriko by Juan Soto.

Axl Rose, Tom Keifer, Michael Sweet, Kai Hansen, Andy Deris, Juan Soto, Carlos Escudero (Vhaldemar) Claudio Gallo (Heimdall) have been my greatest references.


I will try not to be wrong chronologically between the bands in which you have sung. What can you tell us about War Raven?

War Raven was the achievement of the dream that we could not achieve with Kraken’s Spirit, which was the band that we formed with my cousin and Ezequiel (Current keyboardist of Southern Skies)

I represent my first performance as a band singer and with Ezequiel on keyboards and Juan on guitar, both my best friends.

With War Raven we managed to get to record a demo and play live until the dissolution of it, and also trained me in many aspects.

Let’s talk about Southern Skies. I know that the band is made up of Argentine and Spanish members. How is this fusion between musicians from different continents?

Time before finishing the album, I had contact with Pedro J. Monge, because I always admired his band as his tremendous qualities as a guitarist and it occurred to me to ask him if he would like to do a solo in a song, which later became two solos and what after talking about it with Ezequiel, it was to propose him to be part of the band, to which Pedro accepted without any problem.

I asked to Pedro the participation of Eduardo Martínez, who was the drummer of Vhaldemar’s first album, Edu is a beast! And after having Pedro as intercommunicated, Eduardo joined the ranks of Southern Skies without further ado.


How has the compositional and recording process been thousands of kilometers away?

Today is a very simple resource, in fact I do this with other bands, it’s a matter of being practical, the album was complete and it was just sending them what we wanted them to do each one and that’s it, everyone contributed their imprint and that is the final result of Cradled by Oblivion Eyes.

I know it’s been released by a Greek record company. What impact has the album had on Europe and how has it been received here in the country?The impact has been very good, something that surprised us a lot, especially not only in Europe it was a great success, but in the United States also and to a large extent, something unthinkable for us because of the musical style we do.

Here everything was much smaller, but right now it is starting to move much more, we have almost exhausted the Greek copies and to re-release a national reissue, we will see what the future holds, we have not decided yet.

Why have you decided to call the band Southern Skies?

It was Ezequiel’s idea, basically it’s a good name that represents the place of origin of the band, where he was born, and he adjusted perfectly.


Do you plan to edit a second work of the band?

We are just in that process right now, very soon there will be news and some previews to show the next Southern Skies album.

This time it will be a different direction to what we did in the first album, where I basically took the post of the whole composition, in my opinion Ezequiel adjust some things but in a very sober way, it could have been much more but he just did the right thing and necessary, something that in this new album that is coming, He is with everything and transform many things taking them to another level even better than what came from my initial basic idea.

What musical style does Dark Scream of Fury offer us?

Dark Scream of Fury It’s a very different approach than Southern Skies, because it’s all geared towards the more classic Heavy Metal side, Primal Fear is a good example.

How is it that you enter to record material for this band?

A wrestler girl in Japan was the reason, she asked me if I could do a song to enter the Ring, which I thought “Great Idea”, but the time when we needed to do it was very short, I consulted Pedro to do it. and Pedro told me that he had a song that could work, I asked him to add some more parts and that song was finished but this did not fit the concept of what Southern Skies is, it is the opposite, and Ezequiel was not happy with that, that’s how I decided that it was best to make that material under another band, although it’s stopped at the moment, since it was a pretext to release that song even though I composed the whole album that will come out sometime with Dark Scream Of Fury.


I would like to know what are the positive and negative experiences of participating in a band as a transferor?

In my case, participating as a Transferee has generally brought me very positive things, in addition to the fact that they usually leave me the way of interpretation, modifications and changes who have hired me, beyond the basic idea they have when offering it to me.

On the negative I could say that when I do not meet or find a proposal, because it is not very to my taste, I only adjust to what they ask me.

Last year you have done some concerts in Brazil with the extraordinary guitarist David Shankle (ex Manowar). What can you tell us about this experience and how does he come to summon you for the voices?

Undoubtedly it was a wonderful experience and a resurrection in my musical life, since I had been retired from the stage for more than two years, in the plan of only making records for pleasure and nothing else, that is, I had not planned to play again, but in September of 2017 Gustavo Acosta of Feanor contacted me, with the proposal to audition as a singer for the tour that was coming with David Shankle, because Sven D’anna (The singer of Feanor) could not come from Germany and take over that tour.

I was very hesitant initially since I was very comfortable in my position of musical lethargy, but when I told to my family and friends, they encouraged me to go out again, especially my sister C, Ezequiel, Juan and my teacher and great friend Diego Valdez, so accept to go to the audition and finally I was the chosen one.

The shows we lived, all the excitement of going against the clock, the dizzying of going from one side to the other and having done some tremendous shows, where the audience gave as much as the first in Carcarañá and then in The Roxy, was an achievement, and Brazil really was something insane, because of what we could hope for … it was double, we even came out revelation band at the Maniacs Metal Meeting festival with more than 20 bands.

After your visit to Brazil with David, I have read in many specialized pages of that country, the impression you have made among the public in Rio de Janeiro. What causes in your person to have this great recognition in a neighboring country?

Obviously it has been a tremendous motivation for me, because for that tour I prepared as I could to get the best possible, it is a fact that not being active, it generates a notorious rust, so I took a bath with DW40 (anti corrosion product).

Nowadays everything is growing more and more, and this year I am in better conditions, I am taking classes with Amílcar Hidalgo Prada, who is a great Master of the Colon Theater (Son of Gina Maria Hidalgo) so I hope to be in better shape for face the next tour.


What can you tell us about this new band called Ryhtual of which you are a part?

Ryhtual is a project that is born from the proposal of making a cover, with some friends of mine, Gabriel and Fabián Vano Bros., asked me about to do a Malmsteen cover, Seventh Sign, which I thought “Great! Cool!” it’s a great song I like it very much.

After finishing it, at the time they asked to make some more songs, an EP, to which I suggested to make a LP since the output of a LP is much better for a project than an EP.

They began to assemble the songs that ended being Ryhtual, in a short time we will be releasing a video clip preview of the album.

The peculiarity of this band is that I return to sing in Spanish from my time in Tempano.

What musical style will this band offer us and what is the theme of the lyrics?

The musical style is embarked on a classic Heavy / Power Metal, not very elaborate, it is quite direct in fact and the themes will vary between, what are the daily experiences of each person, as in general problems at a human level, the theme of the disc would handle a little the internal fight that man has with himself since always.

Surely you have participated in many bands that I have not named. What are these bands and what new musical projects are coming?

I have been part of the second era of Tempano with the album Lluvia Negra, after that only some sporadic steps in projects that did not prosper and as a singer-songwriter for choirs of some bands.

Black Sting is another project that comes with a great colleague and friend, Walter El Escorpión Hernández, which is going to be a proposal of Neoclassical Metal (for what we have been driving so far) since Walter is the one who handles what is the imprint musical, although I have composed some songs already for this new project which will be also news soon.

At the end of the Tour with Feanor, we will begin to get in full with that album, once the Ryhtual and Southern Skies finishes.


In the month of November there will be a series of shows, again with David Shankle, but this time also the vocalist of the German band Wizard, Sven Dánna will be added. What can you tell about this tour?

I could say that it is a double bet of what it was last year and in all plane, Sven will take care of the voices mostly, which has changed the format of the show.

Feanor will show songs from his new album, as well as his material “We are heavy Metal” which they released with Sven.

In the Argentina / Uruguay section, I will be invited to interpret what is the segment of “The Triumph Of Steel” (Manowar), Possibly the whole setlist in Tandil and Mar del plata, if Sven can not be presented for that date.

What follows from the tour abroad, I would do it entirely.

Within the metal environment there are many rumors of some of your participations in German festivals, if the rumors are true. Where would those participations be and with what band?

?! Well, it’s a novelty that is traveling, I’m surprised you’re aware, and there are different reasons why it could happen.

They have proposed to us to turn with Southern Skies for a section of Europe / Asia in addition to playing in USA, a tour that could include England, Italy, France, Germany, Poland and Japan, In some festivals and own shows, we are in the negotiations of this .

In addition there are chances of taking other shows where I participate for the Wacken, but I cannot confirm for sure when or even where.

I would like to know your future plans both personally and musically.

To release an arsenal of important music, since with this solid base we will be able to define and face the different projects.

The priority is Southern Skies, with which I plan to present in 2019, but I’m looking for it to be in the best possible conditions in addition to having the second album on the street.

With Ryhtual they are planning to do some shows just like with Black Sting.

There are more projects that I will be part of but everything depends on the time that I can have to take charge effectively and efficiently for it.


Farewell message.

I thank you Ale for the space and your tireless struggle in favor of the move, I thank all those who have always offered me, provide and support, motivates me a lot to give my best and always try to offer more.

I look forward to all those who want to come

November 6 Rosario (Animal Rock).

November 17 CABA (Uniclub).

November 18 Los Lobos Moto Club (La Plata).

November 18 The Foundation (San Justo).

November 19 Pika Rock (Monte Grande).

November 23 Multiespacion (Venado Tuerto).

November 24 Tribes Bar and Art (Santa Fe).

November 25 Bluzz Live (Uruguay).

November 30 Tandil.

December 1 Mar Del Plata.

Alejandro Allo 24/09/18


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